Working Belgian Malinois

Want to know about the working Belgian malinois? Find out how this unique Belgian dog has served mankind over the years.

The Belgian Malinois is the most well known of the four Belgian sheepdog variations. Although this variation has become a popular pet dog in today’s times, historically it has had a reputation of being a working dog.

Various Occupations of the Belgian Malinois

For years the Belgian Malinois has been helping man to keep his flock of sheep together. There is no doubt about the talents of this particular dog when it comes to herding sheep. It is known to possess a very sharp sense of alertness and can detect signs of threat in an instant. It is especially talented in keeping track of sheep as they move around grazing on green pastures.

In later years mankind was to use the Belgian malinois to perform many other services. The two Great World Wars saw the induction of the Belgian Malinois into the military. The armed forces of Belgium, Germany and Netherlands along with other European countries made use of the Belgian Malinois as border patrollers, scouts, messengers and Red Cross dogs during the years of war.

Police Dogs

Today the Belgian Malinois is a popular police dog amongst many European countries as well as Australia and Israel. It is used to assist the police on drug crack downs as a drug detection dog. The Belgian Malinois can also be trained to perform life threatening search and rescue operations which is one of the reasons why it is also used in many fire fighting departments.

Guard Dogs

Many home owners have also been attracted to use the Belgian Malinois as a protection dog. The history of the dog shows that it has the qualities that make it an excellent choice for conducting the job of protecting your home and family.

The Belgian malinois is also quite a showman when it comes to obedience sports like the French and Belgian Ring. The dog displays great obedience and skill in these sports.

The innate aptitude of the Belgian Malinois to serve as a versatile working dog has contributed to its popularity which has sky rocketed in recent years. In fact in terms of popularity it has overtaken its larger cousin which had occupied the top spot for ages; the German shepherd.

With a sharp look and well proportioned body the Belgian Malinois is quick on its feet. The breed has come a long way from being an instinctive herding dog to becoming a heroic police rescue dog. Mankind has been able to channel the innate protective nature of the dog towards the protection of human beings. In the police forces the Belgian malinois is not looked upon as a pet, it is looked upon as a partner.

One can judge by the fact that the Belgian Malinois is used for such important work that it is a breed which displays utmost loyalty to its master. Without being vicious or aggressive the Belgian malinois is always on the lookout for potential threats. This is one of the key factors that makes it easy to use these dogs for various purpose.

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