African American Men Hairstyles

African American men’s hairstyles are considered almost as a necessity as African American men usually have very thick hair which is often unmanageable and impossible to style and maintain. With these African American male hairstyles, you will exp


Afro hairstyle is among the few African American male hairstyles that have transcended time and cultures. This hairstyle reached its peak of popularity and most extreme versions in the ‘70s. As time went by, the Afro hairstyle turned out to be more subdued and refined, matching the look of modern African American men. With an Afro hairstyle, the curly hair is left in its natural state while being pulled neatly away from the scalp using a plastic pic. The hair then will be trimmed until it is just two or three inches long, creating a round shape around the head. The Afro hairstyle is essentially perfect for people with naturally curly hair. How this hairstyle will eventually look depends on the density and the texture of the hair itself.

Close shave

One of the simplest and lowest maintenance African American men’s hairstyles is the close shave. To achieve this type of hairstyle, electric clippers should be used to shear the head of hair that is about a quarter inch in length. Men with this hairstyle have a very smooth and neat appearance without shaving off the entire hair. This hairstyle is perfect for men who would like to have a fuss-free hairstyle. Close shave also emphasizes the facial features of a man, so he should be confident with his looks. When it comes to maintaining this hairstyle, it only needs some brushing, regular trimming and basic grooming practices.


There are some very fashionable ethnic African American male hairstyles, including dreadlocks. Dreadlocks are suitable for short, medium length or long hair provided that it is no shorter than two inches. With this hairstyle, the hair is divided into several sections around the entire head. These sections are then individually twisted and backcombed so that it can produce tangled, knotty and messy looking strands. Basically, dreadlocks are about a matted look, so the hair strands need to stay interlocked with each other. What’s amazing about this hairstyle is that the hair can be grown naturally to have a thick matted appearance. In addition, the maintenance of this type of men’s hairstyle is not as complicated as the others’. As the hair grows longer, the twisting process should be repeated, but only at the roots. Dreadlocks are among the most popular African American male hairstyles which are also worn by men who don’t have natural African American hair.

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