Japanese Garden Wedding

Planning a Japanese garden wedding can be great fun, but at the same time very tedious. If you’re considering such a wedding, you’ll want to read our guide for more ideas…

A Japanese garden wedding can be fun because you really do not have to think of decorations or how to beautify the place because the place in itself is already extremely beautiful. Sometimes, it is so beautiful that adding to it could actually end up only spoiling the beautiful image instead of enhancing it.

Having your wedding in a Japanese garden can give your wedding that magical and almost unbelievable feeling. The Japanese garden landscape is responsible for the magical feelings people experience at these weddings.

The gardens can be divided into 3 broad groups, namely the hill gardens, tea gardens and dry gardens.

Japanese Hill Gardens

These are called Tsukiyama gardens. As their name suggests, they have hills and valleys as natural hills would. Although they are called hill gardens, you can still find streams, ponds, trees, stones, flowers bridges and loads of other things in them. They are all incorporated to create natural scenery. So if you are the sort that likes the hill scenery, then this would be the ideal kind of Japanese garden in which to have your wedding.

Japanese Tea Gardens

These are called the Chaniwa gardens. They are particularly designed to celebrate tea drinking ceremonies. They have lots of stepping stones. Walking the paths of the stepping stones will take you to the tea house. That is not to say Chaniwa gardens cannot be used for weddings. If you want a little quaint Japanese garden wedding, then this would be the ideal venue for your wedding.

Japanese Dry Gardens

Finally, there are the Karesansui gardens. As the name suggests, dry gardens are not exactly green. They are more inclined to the use of stones and sand. In the place of water, mountains and other water bodies, they use moss to represent such things. Dry gardens have a strong inclination to the Zen Buddhism traditions. The gardens are designed for meditating, thinking and contemplating. If you are the soft cuddly type, then you might not be able to appreciate the beauty of dry gardens. But if you are the outback type, then the beauty of their simplistic beauty may just be really appealing to you. So you might be interested in having your beautiful Japanese garden wedding in a place like this. It all depends on your personality.
As different as these groups might seem, the basic concept behind them is the same: natural beauty and attractiveness. I am sure you might have noticed that artificial water points like fountains and the likes are not mentioned. That is because Japanese gardens maintain the natural look, thus giving the magical feeling that every wedding should have.

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