Japanese Gothic Fashion

Interested in the goth scene in Japan? Find out about the bizarre yet popular Japanese gothic fashion trends that have taken the country by storm.

The fashion scene has exploded in Japan ever since the improvements in means of mass communication. The exposure this conservative society received as a result of the mass media and its projection of western culture revolutionized the ancient and traditional way of life of the Japanese.

When the so called liberated fashion customs and traditions met the ancient and mysterious legendary style of Japan the result was a wide array of different styles. Amongst the many different fashions that sprung up as a result of this East meets West phenomenon is the Japanese gothic fashion.

The youth of the nation are at the spearhead of this fashion movement and it is largely the fairer sex that is held responsible for the development and promotion of this school of fashion. Japanese gothic fashion is very out of the norm and anyone dressed up in that sense is bound to stand out in a crowd.

The main emphasis of Japanese gothic fashion revolves around Victorian style dressing. Basically the gothic girls attempt to dress up as Victorian porcelain dolls. The attempt is to exaggerate the element of cuteness to the extent that it appears to be childlike. The culture that started at a very low level back in 1997-98 soon became a popular fad with attire based around the style available in boutiques dedicated to Japanese gothic fashion and even departmental stores.

There are a number of subcategories that come under Japanese gothic fashion. They vary according to their principles and elements. The over riding element in gothic fashion is the use of dark colours contrasted with white. The make up on the face is equally as contrasting as the clothes. A white pale almost spooky foundation based face with dark and over done lipstick and eye makeup is what gives the complete picture of Japanese gothic fashion.

Unlike other popular culture clothing Japanese gothic fashion is not revealing. On the contrary it is quite concealing with most of the body parts hidden behind layers of dark and gloomy clothing. It is important to understand that Japanese gothic fashion is not shabby. Dark as it may be it is quite proper with regards to its cuts and the interesting use of frills.

The fact that the wearer of this style seems as though the individual is dressed up for a masquerade party is another aspect altogether. The Japanese youth puts in a lot of time and effort into maintaining the gothic look. The television media too has played a significant role in promoting Japanese gothic fashion as some famous celebrities have adopted the style as well.

In today’s times when freedom of expression is taken all too seriously the Japanese trend of gothic fashion is just another brick in the wall of the new world order where everything goes. Opinions about this fashion trend may vary but its popularity sure is soaring both locally as well as on the international plane.

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