Indian Bridal Wear

Looking for Indian bridal wear for your wedding? Read on to figure out the options you can get for Indian inspired bridal wear…

Indian bridal wear offers a perfect choice for an extraordinary wedding outfit. With the myriad of colors, fabrics and designs available to cater to different tastes, you can find the outfit that is perfect for you.

When planning a wedding, the Indian bridal outfit is one of the most important considerations of wedding planning. Every bride searches for the exclusive wedding dress that is bespoke for her and makes her look extraordinary. The aim is to look different and beautiful by making a fashion statement during this important ceremony.

Why not look at traditional designs which are finished to a contemporary feel? When choosing Indian bridal wear the classic cultural styles may be a good choice due to their timeless appeal. But with modern day fashion trends, these traditional staples have been modernized in an aesthetically pleasing manner.

Traditional Indian bridal wear consists of a range of well designed and heavily embellished outfits. From a glamorous saree and blouse to a lengha and choli or perhaps the mogul inspired anarkali dress and gharara, the options are manifold.

Customized Indian Bridal Wear

Embellishments and fabric choices actually transform these traditional classics into unique fashion pieces. Plus the Indian bridal wear is further glamorized by the use of heavy jewelry, bangles, arm bands as well as shoes and purses making the brides outfit a complete ensemble.

You can now get a beautiful outfit of your choice bespoke with modern day cuts blending with high quality ethnic embroidery and embellishments.  The dresses are tailor made to your size which leads to a perfect fit. This ensures that the beauty of the outfit is highlighted perfectly as it graces your body and drapes well.

Considerations When Selecting Indian Bridal Wear

Start by deciding what outfit you want to wear. Whether you want a saree or a gharara which is a two legged skirt, you must decide the outfit as a starting point. Or perhaps you want some thing more contemporary like a lehnga choli which is a long skirt and fitted blouse. Apart from this, fishtail skirts have become increasingly popular in this decade.

Get your measurements and see what length you will require according to your frame. Now select the areas you would like to accentuate with the embroidery and embellishments. If you have a particular design in mind, even that will be bespoke to fit your budget and size requirements so why not get the best deal out of the endeavor?

The next step is to select the fabric in various materials and colors. The heavier material like brocade or velvet is handy for providing a sturdy base for heavy traditional embroidery and is used to create flowing skirts. Lighter materials are preferred for the shawls and shirt which are embroidered and embellished according to your requirements.

Embellishments range from embroidery with pure silk thread, crystals and beads strewn in the fabric. Fresh water pearls and semi precious stones are encircled by gold and silver zari, tilla, dabka and other metal wires in copper or bronze colors to create a regal and rich outfit that delights the bride.

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