Japanese Herbal Feet Pads

Find out how you can get your entire body cleansed just by putting on Japanese herbal feet pads.

The Japanese culture is renowned for many unique things. Amongst the different things that have earned the country and culture world wide acclaim is their use of herbs for medicinal purposes. Herbal medicine is an ancient Japanese tradition that is being explored by the west today.

Japanese herbal medicine caters to a wide variety of health problems. The ancient science has been observed under the light of modern medicine in order to attest its effectiveness and safety while improving on it on the whole. The results have turned out to be truly amazing.

Japanese herbal medicine has provided an interesting and effective means of foot detoxification. This is an alternative form of medicine that is gaining popularity today. The Japanese herbal feet pads that are gaining popularity today actually belong to ancient times from Japanese history.

Historical development of Japanese foot pads

History reveals that the use of herbal feet pads was common amongst Japanese doctors in ancient Japan. They would use these specially formulated feet pads to improve the health of their patients. The science behind these feet pads was that they would cleanse the patient’s body of waste and pollution.

Despite the lack of technologically advanced medical equipment the ancient Japanese doctors were able to pin point reflexology points on the sole of the feet. These points contained links to all the different major organs inside the body.

This unique architecture of the body that connects all the major organs of the body with the reflexology points on the feet makes it possible to cleanse the entire body just by working on the feet. The feet then become the area of operation where the detox agents are applied in the form of Japanese herbal feet pads.

In the good old days these feet pads were especially made as and when the patients arrived. Today you will be able to purchase them ready made from the pharmacy. The highly effective feet pads cleanse out all the toxins that are stored in your body.

The fact that they are so easy to use and at the same time so highly effective makes them an excellent treatment option. The right combination of herbs in regulated amounts does the job of ridding the body of harmful toxins.

The Japanese herbal feet pads are designed in such a manner that they have a sticky side which is to be applied to the bare skin under the foot. Once you have stuck the foot pad to your feet all you have to do is sit and wait as the Japanese herbs work their magic.

The best time to use Japanese herbal feet pads is at night just before going to bed. In this way you remain under treatment while you sleep the whole night through. When you remove the pads from your feet in the morning you will be able to see just how many toxins have been removed from your feet overnight. The all natural alternative is easy to use and very effective indeed.

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