Ludomar Spanish Saddle

Want to buy a Ludomar Spanish saddle? Read on for facts and info on the kind of Ludomar Spanish saddles that you will be able to find in the market…

Ludomar is a world renowned producer of Spanish saddles that are used for horse riding purposes. The company has a large collection of saddles in different styles and materials to suit different preferences.

Some of the Ludomar Spanish saddle varieties that you will be able to find in the market are as follows:

Ludomar Spanish ‘Alta Escuela’ Saddle

This particular model from the company is regarded as being one of the most comfortable and secure horse riding saddles out there. Made using top quality leather for the under surface, the saddle is covered in suede which provides a luxurious feel. The seat is padded to provide extra comfort. The saddle also features large and soft 100% lambs wool stuffed panels which make the saddle far more comfortable for the rider as well as the horse. The 100% wool sheepskin cover was developed for the purpose of providing a comfortable ride over long trails. The saddle is also excellent for traditional dressage, flat work as well as Spanish riding. It is supported by D’s that have been positioned in the front of the breast collar along with an attachment for the crupper that is embedded in the back.

The billets on this particular saddle have been made according to the English style whereas the product comes with Spanish stirrups included. One of the biggest benefits that this particular Ludomar Spanish saddle has to offer is the fact that the stirrup straps have rollers attached to them along with a swivel. This unique mechanism reduces the strain on the ankles of the rider to a minimum. The ergonomic design of the D’s allows more space for the heel of the rider to rest which further adds to the comfort. Interested individuals will be able to find this particular model from the company available in two seat and two tree sizes.

Alta Ludomar

This particular style is very similar to the saddles that are commonly used in the Spanish school. One of the things that distinguish this particular saddle is the fact that it has been given dressage style flaps which make it appear similar to the Zaldi saddle. The product has been exclusively hand stitched using the highest quality leather. It is further complemented by wool filled dressage flaps and long girth straps. Interested individuals also have the opportunity to purchase the saddle with a flexible tree. The manufacturers offer a six-year guarantee for the tree whereas the rest of the parts are guaranteed for one year.

Saddle Buying Precautions

There are a number of things that you need to keep in mind when it comes to buying saddles. The two most important factors that will play a determining role in selecting the right kind of saddle are the size and weight of the rider and the intended purpose of use. You will be able to find saddles in varying lengths for ladies, gents, small sizes and plus sizes etc. Furthermore, horse saddles for flat work, dressage and Spanish riding vary in terms of their functionality. However you might be able to find some products from Ludamor that provide all-round performance and are suitable for all riding purposes.