Japanese Long Hairstyles

Interested in learning about the variety of Japanese long hairstyles? Read on to find out what your options are…

There is something about Japanese hair styles that makes them stand out from other trends regarding hair do’s. From ancient times till today Japan has come up with some of the most exciting variations of hairstyles for both men and women.

Although we normally find Japanese men and women to be sporting short hair the collection of Japanese long hair styles has interesting variety that are actually quite popular in Japan and gaining currency all around the world.

Head hair is one of the most beautiful elements on the human body if handled properly. The library of Japanese long hairstyles consists of some of the most beautiful cuts that the world has ever seen. Generally people tend to be more attracted towards long hair and when that hair is well done the attraction increases.

The appeal that long hair tends to have on the opposite sex is one of the major reasons why most women prefer to work with long hairstyles rather than experiment with something that requires them to chop it off. Hence we find Japanese long hairstyles to be more popular than the medium length and short hairstyles.

Exploring Your Options

When it comes to the Japanese long hairstyles for women the long sleek hairstyle is perhaps the most popular hairdo. Sleek long hair tends to be very attractive especially during the nights. It is also a relatively easy to carry hairstyle while being gorgeous at the same time.

The other alternative is to go for the long and curly look. This look adds volume to the hair and makes it look big and colorful with a lot of character. There is a great deal of flexibility when it comes to long and curly Japanese hairstyles.

Another interesting variation from the Japanese library of long hairstyles is to go with the braid long hairstyle. This is a rather simple hair do which has a formal appeal. The braids can be worked in different ways; examples include the French braid, herringbone braid and the inside out braid.

If you want to go old school with Japanese long hairstyles then there is nothing more traditional than the straight and simple long hairstyle. As it is the people from oriental origins are known to possess extremely straight and silky hair. If you are from non-Japanese origins then you might have to get your hair straightened to catch this look.

The pony tail long hairstyle is another interesting variation that is simple yet elegant and looks good on people with an oval face cut. There are certain Japanese long hairstyles that work with the hair in layers. This brings about a very sleek look as it worked into uneven ends with a razor cut. When framed properly the long layered hairstyle can work wonders for your appearance.

Probably the most Japanese long hairstyle in spirit is the long haircut with long bangs. Bangs are very traditional when it comes to Japanese haircuts. When used with long hairstyles they can produce a very attractive and natural look.

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