La Paz Baja California Real Estate

Interested in La Paz Baja, California real estate? Read our guide for facts and info on La Paz Baja real estate bordering California…

La Paz Baja is a Mexican territory closely bordering the North American State of California. It is regarded as a very well developed region with the complete amenities of modern life. Individuals looking for real estate in La Paz Baja will be able to find plenty of property at reasonable rates for both rent and sale.

In terms of real estate prices, La Paz is considered to be far more competitive than the neighboring Los Cabos. An upward shift in the prices is being observed but in general the market is good for investment.

Life in La Paz Baja

As a resident in La Paz you will be able to find plenty of supermarkets, internet cafes, laundry mats, shopping centers, movie theatres and everything else you can expect to find in urban city centers. The local restaurants and cafés are also worth mentioning. At the same time, it has all the attractions of a fine resort with its beautiful natural environment.

The biggest attraction of La Paz is its unique natural setting amidst a chain of islands with exotic secluded beaches and pristine coves. An extensive range of water sporting activities are conducted at these waterfront locations including fishing, diving, windsurfing, sailing and even whale and bird watching. A large American community is already flourishing in La Paz, and a number of American style marinas have been developed in the vicinity to cater to the community.

With regards to climate, La Paz is characterized by its dry desert climate with plenty of cool ocean breezes at night time. In essence, La Paz will take you to another world despite the fact that it is conveniently located right next to California.

La Paz Baja Real Estate Legalities

Although foreigners are allowed to obtain direct ownership of real estate in interior Mexico, the rules are different with respects to areas closer to the borders. Foreigners are not allowed to acquire direct ownership within a distance of 100 kilometers from the border. Similarly, fifty kilometers from the coastline is also regarded as being a restricted zone for foreigners in terms of acquiring ownership of land. However, it is important to keep in mind that this restriction only applies to residential property.

It is possible for foreigners to acquire beneficial rights of use for property located in the restricted zone. This means you can get to enjoy and improve property close to the border as well as on the coastline by working your way around the regulations.  As long as you seek official authorization from the Fieicomiso and the Mexican government, there should be no legal complications in the future.

There is a special contract for foreigners looking to take advantage of real estate in La Paz Baja that binds them to a 50-year renewable term. This contract grants them the permission to rent, change or even sell property in the region.

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