Japanese Love Symbols

Want a Japanese love symbol tattoo? Do you know exactly what this symbol from Japan stands for? Read on to uncover the reasons for the popularity of Japanese love symbols.

Japan is one of the world’s most advanced countries. The nation is known for its technical expertise and fine hand at craftsmanship. Japan is also renowned for its rich cultural heritage remnants which still exist today. In fact there are some elements of the Japanese culture that have been exported outside its boundaries to become a worldwide trend.

One of the things that have brought the country of Japan recognition on a global scale is the art of tattooing that the Japanese people indulge in. Tattooing has existed in Japan for many centuries. In fact some of the designs that are found today can be traced back to the 5th century BC. It should be noted that tattooing was something looked down upon in Japan because it was supposed to be an art form associated with criminals.

Today however the trend has reversed and the art of tattooing has become a means of making a fashion statement. This is much more so the case outside of Japan such as the western countries. In Japan the field continues to have a negative connotation even today. But for the sake of money they have developed their tattooing industry which now serves a worldwide clientele.

Japanese kanji love symbol

Japanese tattoo symbols are very unique and are incredibly artistic. Amongst the many different kinds of tattoo styles and symbols the “love” tattoo symbol is by far one of the most popular once to hit the streets. You will find many people in the west to be tagged with the love symbol from Japan.

The love symbol is written in the Kanji script. This is an age old ideographical script that was introduced in the Japanese language many years ago. By the looks of it the script looks as though it was initially created for the purpose of tattooing. This is because it seems to be incredibly aesthetically appealing.

The uniqueness of the love symbol in the kanji script is that it appeals to a wide range of people. Both men and women fall in love with the love symbol from Japan. The mystique that is attached with the symbol seems far too intriguing to resist for the wild youth of today who love to stamp themselves with tattoos for life.

There is no doubt about the physical beauty of the love symbol. But the fact that makes it even more loved by the public is that this aesthetically pleasing design has a deep inner meaning. In fact these symbols represent much more than words, they represent concepts. Thus a love symbol is actually representing the concept of universal love.

The construction of Kanji symbols is not the job of an amateur. In order to get the elaborate definition correct each stroke much be done in the correct order and direction. Peace, strength, freedom, unity are other popular symbols along with the love symbol. For more information check our page of Japanese good luck symbols.

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