Indian Bridal Outfits

Looking for Indian bridal outfits? Want to know about all the different styles of bridal outfits available? Read our guide for more information on choosing the right outfit for you…

The sheer style and complexity in design of Indian bridal outfits, both for men and women make the entire prospect of selecting a suitable outfit a highly daunting task. For women, her bridal outfit may be composed of an elaborate sari with rich brocade and gold thread embroidery. She may opt for a bridal lehnga as her bridal outfit. She could choose a salwar kameez with long blouse and flared pants on her wedding day.

A bride may get married in a bridal gown or in a designer outfit. Depending on her personal taste and on her purse strings, Indian bridal outfits could come in a multitude of regal designs.

Indian bridal outfits like saris are available in silk with lustrous embroidery. These are heavy brocaded material with silver and gold thread and can be highly unique such as the Kanjeepuram silk bridal saris. Bridal lehngas are heavily decorated with beads and sequins and handwork is prominent in the shawl and the skirt. Tassels are common on the shawl and the blouse, or choli, is richly embroidered and beaded to make it truly a work of art.

Designer Indian bridal outfits are trendy and chic but also expensive. They are the purview of upper middle class Indians who prefer tailor made outfits that reflect the personality and bring out the beauty of the bride. These designer outfits often set the stage for Bollywood movie outfits and each may borrow ideas from the other. All bridal outfits are designed to make the bride look exceedingly regal and rich on her wedding day.

Royal Bridal Outfits

The former Indian princely states boasted opulence and grandeur on a scale rarely matched by European standards. Royal bridal outfits were replete with diamonds, rubies, pearls, emeralds and other precious stones worked into the soft silk fabric. Royal brides wore extensive jewelry that showcased the sheer wealth and fortune of her family. Bridal outfits included lavish ensembles that shimmered and shone as tiny gems caught the light and sparkled. Royal Indian brides displayed exceptional luxury in their outfits and accessories.

Indian bridal outfits ensure that a bride is presented in an exceedingly rich and beautiful fashion. Her outfit may comprise one of several different types of bridal wear that are heavily brocaded with gold and silver thread.

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