Japanese Male Fashion

Interested in men’s fashion from Japan? Find out about the modern trends in Japanese male fashion.

More than two decades ago the term men and fashion was hardly used in the same sentence with regards to Japanese tradition. Of course the country has had its traditional style of clothing for men for many centuries but when it comes to being style conscious and fashionable then this is a relatively new concept for the Japanese male population.

In the not so distant days a man would wear anything that was handed to him. The Japanese man was not picky about colour combinations or fabric fall and quality. Comfort was the only thing that mattered for the serious Japanese man which he would even be willing to afford at the cost of elegance.

Shopping for men was the easiest thing to do back then. The mother and wife would do just fine to bring home clothes that the man of the house would happily wear to work or at home. Recent years have however revolutionized the mindset of the modern Japanese man. Buying clothes for men can now become an even more challenging task than buying clothes for women.

Irrespective of the age group the male class of Japanese society has woken up to the world of fashion. The man of the 21st century is very conscious about what he puts on and what never gets on. Looking good is considered to be an important part of presenting your personality. Comfort is no longer the sole deciding factor for the man’s wardrobe. Now he wants to make sure he has clothes that make him look good.

From the top class executive to the fresh university graduate and the teens the stronger sex now has a stronger taste for fashion. Japanese male fashion tends to be very specific to the lifestyle of the individual. Japanese male fashion can be categorized into two main divisions. The first is the class of sophisticated individuals and the other is the street gear wearing youth.

With regards to the working class the boundaries are well defined. Well fit trousers coupled with contrasting smart work shirts is the dress of the day. When it comes to the younger generation and the Japanese male fashion on the streets there is really no end to the kind of variety you will be able to find.

The male fashion on the street is fragmented with musical inclinations playing a big role on the individual’s style. You will find a large section of the male youth to be dressed up as self proclaimed rock stars influenced by the mass media and their favorite rock bands. On the other hand you have the large group of hip-hop fans that like to make a fashion statement with oversized clothing, colour and style.

A more experimental form of Japanese male fashion has come about as an attempt to fuse the newly absorbed western style with traditional Japanese wear. The results have been quite varied with some finding it to be attractive whereas for others it is hard to swallow.

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