Austrian Blinds

Looking for something to jazz up your interior with? Find out how Austrian blinds can work wonders to add a touch of glamour to your house.

If you are looking to add a touch of class to the interior of your homes then there is nothing that can provide the ambience of subtle sophistication like Austrian blinds can. The Austrian blinds can work wonders in your interior. They do not only act as a protective covering to keep the hot glares of the sun outside the room rather they liven up the space inside as well.

So what makes Austrian blinds different from the ordinary blinds that you will be able to find around in the market? Actually there are a lot of things that make Austrian blinds a distinct decorative item. First of all they originate from the country of Austria which is a breeding ground for some of the most creative individuals and trends that the world has ever been exposed to. Hence you should expect something different whenever it comes to any sort of designed item from Austria.

Unique Austrian blinds

Austrian blinds in reality are not actually blinds rather they are more like curtains with a twist. They are constructed quite differently from normal blinds as they have a fullness of twice the track and batten width of regular blinds. The other major difference is that these blinds are pilled up from the bottom to the top. This is done with the help of cords that have been attached to the back of the blinds which you have to pull in order to fold the blinds.

The Austrian blinds are designed in a different manner than ordinary blinds. Their styling and appearance comes off as totally different and unique which acts as an element of attraction. The cut of these blinds is also quite different. Generally these blinds are made much longer than the actual required drop. This is one of the trademarks of Austrian blinds. The extra fabric that drapes down is used for form scallops in length. The scallops are formed even when the blind is fully lowered.

Austrian blinds materials

You will find that Austrian blinds are made out of all kinds of materials today. The traditional Austrian blinds were however made from lightweight curtain fabrics because of a specific reason. This was done so for the purpose of enabling the Austrian blinds to hang better plus they excluded more light when positioned in line.

Austrian blinds can be hung inside or on the outside of the window recess. There will be a slight difference in the way you hook them up in the different places and they will also generate a slightly different look. If you hang them on the outside of the recess then the blinds can be frilled at the side as well as the bottom edges. On the inside however you will have to add a frill only to the bottom side so as to make them look good.

Austrian blinds are made in such a way that they can be hanged from a blind track or even a wooden batten. This is made possible due to the press and drape heading tape that is fitted on the top edge. You will be able to find a wide variety of Austrian blind designs on the internet.

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