Japanese Rock Garden Landscaping

Looking for some landscaping inspiration in Japanese rock gardens? Discover great new ideas for Japanese rock garden landscapes.

Japanese rock gardens offer an individual the chance  to get really artistic and display their creative side. Although the tradition of Japanese gardens dates back to many centuries ago its popularity has taken to new heights in modern times.

Japanese rock gardens are known for their simplicity. This leaves a lot of artistic room for experimentation and improvisation. This is the reason why you have plenty of choices when it comes to working with Japanese rock gardens.

It is however important to understand the essence of Japanese rock gardens. The concept of such a garden came about with the spread of Zen Buddhism in Japan back in the 6th century. Also referred to as the Zen gardens the main elements of the garden are rocks and sand with very little or no use of plants.

Rock Garden Plants

If you are looking to get a little creative with your Japanese rock garden then there is no such hard and fast rule that prevents you from putting in your own creative insight. You can load up your rock garden with a larger variety of plants and flowers if you wish. Basically it’s up to you how you want to go about building your Japanese rock garden.

Working on an already rocky area makes the task of creating a rock garden much easier. Nonetheless you will be required to chalk out some details regarding the layout of your garden. It is always a good idea to start off with the most troublesome spot as this tends to release the frustration. You may start off by building a slope or using an existing slope provided it receives adequate sunshine.

If you do not already have a sufficient supply of rocks in your garden then you can contact a gardening supply store that will have plentiful variety of rocks that you can purchase.

In order to give your garden a sense of uniformed aesthetics both the rocks and plants must follow a colour theme. Your aim should be to create a natural look and feel. It is important to make the right choices when it comes to picking the plants. You should choose plants that do not require a lot of water as the rocks are bound to drain most of the water.

With the selection of rocks underway you will need to start concentrating on the other elements that will be worked in combination with the setting of the stones. This includes the variety of the plants and their spacing, the slope and elevation. All these elements need to be composed together in order to display your artistry.

If you have the right kind of idea it shouldn’t take you more than a couple of days to build a Japanese garden. Then you can enjoy that for the next couple of decades. Homeowners have taken it upon themselves to experiment with Japanese rock garden styling in their backyards. The results can be extremely varied and interesting.

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