Japanese Street Fashion Stores

Japanese street fashion has taken the country by storm. Discover how street fashion has become a profitable venture for designer labels.

The world view is divided with regards to Japanese street fashion. For some it is the ultimate mode of freedom of expression whereas others find it to be extreme and repulsive. Irrespective of the opinions of the masses one can surely say that the street fashion culture from Japan has come a long way.

This eye popping culture developed during the last century when the Japanese youth became exposed to the liberated Western society. Cross border communication resulted in a transfer of cultures and traditions which came together to form Japanese street fashion. It would not be wrong to say that the Japanese street fashion scene has been mainly inspired by the underground club scene of Tokyo.

The region of Tokyo and Osaka are best known for their street fashion variety. You will be able to find a wide range of designer labels that create some of the most flamboyant street fashion wear in these cities. Street fashion is a perfect mix of traditional Japanese style with modern Western aesthetics. The result is a unique blend of fashion which is adored by some while others find it hard to absorb.

On visiting the Japanese street fashion stores you will come across a variety of styles and trends. The youth is generally far more elaborate when it comes to their dressing patterns as well as make up. Hence you will find the stores to be loaded with bright coloured garments that showcase eccentric patterns. Many of the street fashion garments are specially hand made so as to add a touch of exclusiveness which is everything when it comes to making a fashion statement.

Besides clothing you will be able to find a wide range of fashion accessories without which street fashion would be nothing. The Japanese street fashion stores are full of heavy jewelry that goes with the rest of the attire. Basically you will be able to find everything from a mix and match pair of jeans to a traditional kimono in a street fashion store. After all its street fashion which means there is plenty of room for improvisation.

Japanese trends

The cultural influences of the different street fashion styles are quite apparent when one browses through the different sections of the stores. You will be able to find sections segmented according to style such as Cosplay, Lolita, Kogal and Ganguro which are amongst the most popular street fashion styles in the country.

Street fashion further diversifies as there are several branches stemming out from each of the fashion categories. For example the Lolita culture is further divided into punk Lolita which is all about chains, laces, wristbands, beads and pinks and peaches. On the other hand you have Gothic Lolita which revolves around the trends of the Victorian age coupled with heavy black make up.

People have different schools of thought when it comes to street fashion. Unless you know what your style is you are bound to be overwhelmed by the variety of street fashion wear that is on display in the Japanese street fashion stores.

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