German Grandfather Clocks

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Clocks are considered more than timepieces in our lives. They reflect our status symbol, beauty in our surroundings and brighten the place where they are mounted with elegance and charm. The rich melody of German grandfather clocks fills our lives with music as they resonate throughout our surroundings. However, the most important factor is that they should tell time accurately. This requirement of clocks is affixed in the adage ‘works like clockwork’.

Clocks actually depict strength, faithfulness and are considered unfailing. They keep us on time and on schedule therefore our lives are often in the hands of a clock. One of the most steadfast and loyal timepieces is the German grandfather clock.

Description of the German Grandfather Clocks

It stands more than six feet tall and is made out of solid wood, which makes it durable and elegant. When it comes to the best German clocks, the grandfather clock has been reputed across the globe in the past three centuries as one of the forerunners in this category. The German antique grandfather clock is known as the Harfen-Gong and is a collector’s item today. Some of them actually are functionally accurate and this further reinstates the quality of the German-made grandfather clocks.

The high quality of German craftsmanship is resplendent in another popular German grandfather clock which was manufactured in the early 1900s by Berger & Wuerker.

German Parts

The main reason for their accuracy and long life is the focus on German parts. These are an intricate component of clocks manufactured in most parts of the world even today. High quality Germanmovements are utilized by different global watchmakers who want reliability. In fact, Kieninger Clock Factory is known for its foray into mechanical clock movement manufacturing.

The company was the first create this mechanism in 1912 when it was established in Germany by Joseph Kieninger. In fact clocks produced today by Ridgeway and Howard Miller are reputed as high quality and expensive timepieces and are actually based upon the German technology of clock movements.

Even though the grandfather clocks are not manufactured in Germany in such a large quantity as in previous centuries, the clock movements are still manufactured in Germany. The finest and noblest grandfather clocks are therefore resplendent with German technology.

Exquisite Craftsmanship

It is still possible to get antique and new genuine German grandfather clocks. Premium quality clocks are handmade in Germany even today and the tradition and creativity is resplendent in the exquisite and high quality crafting. Competitive pricing on these valuable grandfather clocks from Germany make them collector’s items. Once you spend the money on it you know that it will tell time for generations to come.

High quality solid wood, precise German clock movements and intricate designs make the clocks perfect for any home. Resplendent of the authentic clockworks from the Black Forest manufacturers in Germany, the intricate designs on the grandfather clock are as beautiful as it is reliable.

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