French Antique Loveseats

Want to buy an antique French loveseat? Can you tell the difference between an authentic antique loveseat and a reproduction French loveseat? Our guide gives you the facts & information you want to know.

French antique loveseats are a perfect way to add a touch of class to any interior room in your house. The loveseat, by definition, is a type of antique French chair that is big enough to seat two people without any partition, which is presumably where the loveseat gets its name from. In France during the 16th, 17th, 18th and 19th centuries mixed sex gatherings in which two people of the opposite sex could sit so closely together would have made something of a statement and as such the antique French loveseat was rather revolutionary.

The basis of any authentic antique French loveseat is the frame which is always made from wood. Various types of wood have been used in the production of loveseats in France over the centuries, and ascertaining the type of wood used is one of the best ways of classifying the antique by period. Popular types of wood used in the building of frames for antique French loveseats included walnut, mahogany and pine.

The second constituent part of a French antique loveseat is the upholstery. This is in many ways the most important part in the production of the loveseat as this will determine how comfortable the antique loveseat actually is. Generally, the craftsmanship on a genuine antique loveseat is so good that it is still usable today and one can tell the difference in quality workmanship that comes from hand crafted pieces in comparison to mass produced modern furniture. The upholstery on antique French loveseats is generally very deep and sturdy providing unrivaled comfort. The material used in the upholstery varies both in its quality and pattern. Everything from silk to cotton has been used on antique French loveseats and the designs range from floral patterns to plain colors and are rather similar to antique French tapestry.

The third most important part of an antique French loveseat are the brads. These are small circular shaped objects that line the upholstery and are responsible for holding it onto the wooden frame. Brads on antique loveseats in France were traditionally made from a metal like brass, although it has been known that precious woods such as walnut have been used as well.

Buying a French Antique Loveseat

There are generally two choices when it comes to buying a French antique loveseat. Firstly, you can purchase through an antique dealer. Provided they are reputable you can at least be assured that you are getting the genuine product, although it is unlikely that you will pick up any bargains as antique dealers know precisely how much an item should cost. Alternatively, If you happen to be in France you should take a look around the many flea markets located all over the country where it is possible to pick up some amazing bargains.

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