Antique Noritake China

Interested in antique Noritake china? Discover the all time classic pieces part of the legendary Noritake collection…

Noritake has produced a collection of fine chinaware that spans over a hundred years. As the company developed new patterns the older ones were taken out of circulation. Today the older patterns are counted amongst the all time classics. Antique Noritake china is highly valued around the world and with the advent of the internet it has become easier to get your hands on the older models.

Noritake Goldfern Pattern

This antique pattern is from the 70’s era and is perhaps one of the most eagerly sought after antique Noritake chinaware pieces. The exuberant pattern has a rich gold encrusted décor rounded in by a cream band. Expect this particular model to be expensive. At the same time though it is a high end Noritake classic which will get others drooling over your display. The nature of this fine china piece is such that you would much rather hold it up in display rather than make use of it on a daily basis. That’s what antiques are there for anyways.

Noritake Orchid

Floral graphics take the center space on this piece of fine china. Painted in rich colors of purple and its various shades the graphics are beautifully painted onto the plate. A gray band surrounds the graphics placing more emphasis on the pattern. The rim of the plate has a platinum trim going around it. The pattern has been discontinued for quite some time and is now counted amongst the antique Noritake collection.

Noritake Roselane

This antique Noritake piece is a symbol of sheer beauty. Once bought, this collection will take the central place in your exhibition. Decked with beautiful pink and blue roses Roselane is a fresh, soft and delicate pattern that is particularly popular with the ladies. This means it can serve as an excellent gift for a bride or a wife for that matter. The pink and blue flowers have lines going around the edge of the plate. This particular piece was developed by the company back in 1980.

Noritake Swansea

This exquisite pattern is another all time classic now counted amongst the discontinued models by the company. It features trademark white flowers beautifully composed in the center of the plate. The graphics have a blue band going around them which lay further emphasis on the design.

Noritake Trianon

This is one of the oldest patterns that you may be able to get your hands on amongst the antique Noritake collection. It was developed back in 1933 when the company first started making waves around the world. The pattern revolves around a white floral design complimented with cream bands. The floral graphics are composed in a bunch and placed on five different places on the rim of the china.

Noritake Vintage

As the name suggests this is a pattern that the company it self calls Vintage. Featuring a composition of grapes and leaves artistically placed on a curve only on one side of the plate the china piece stands out due to its classic design. The rest of the plate is pure porcelain white.

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