Japanese Tree Garden

A Japanese tree garden

Find out about the most commonly used trees and their exclusive features in Japanese tree gardens…

There is perhaps no plant collector or green thumbed gardening enthusiast that is not intrigued by the uniqueness of Japanese tree gardens. Japanese garden design is something to marvel at from both a botanical and aesthetic point of view. This is perhaps one of the reasons it has never gone out of fashion.

A Japanese tree garden has various elements that are used in harmony with each other in order to come up with an awe inspiring landscape. Trees being the main focus of the garden selecting and placing them is the biggest challenge.

You will be able to find a wide variety of trees that can be used in a Japanese tree garden. In fact there is a whole collection of trees that have traditionally been favored by the Japanese over the course of the centuries. Hence if you want to be strictly oriental with regards to you Japanese tree garden then it is best that you stick to that historic list of trees from Japanese tradition.

An individual looking to build a Japanese tree garden outside of Japan may face a serious problem with regards to the trees that he should use in the garden. The case is even more sensitive in the west where English gardens are popular and have their own palette of trees. Finding Asian trees for your Japanese tree garden can be quite a challenge in non-Japanese lands.

Japanese Maple Trees

When it comes to Japanese tree gardens the king of all trees is the maple and its varieties. Known as the Acer palmatum in botanical terms this type is by far the most popular tree used in such gardens.

The diversity and variety that you will be able to find under the umbrella of Japanese maples can be overwhelming. In fact you will be so twisted in choosing between the vast varieties of Japanese maples that you may not even bother to look for another breed

The original maple is known as the green Japanese maple and has the widest spectrum of generic varieties. You will be able to find over 800 renowned cultivators of the tree. The maple tree varieties differ with respect to their colours, leaf shapes, and tree limb structures.

Amongst the many different varieties of the maple tree is the butterfly. Characterized by its small size and narrow growth the variegated leaves are perhaps the touchstone of this variety. The leaves radiate a touch of pink as the season of spring approaches. The butterfly makes an excellent choice for planting throughout the home due to the manner in which it grows.

Known for its truly amazing spring flush of pink leaf colour the corollonim is another great variety that is commonly used in Japanese tree gardens. This particular tree grows in the form of a push and only up to five feet in height. Although the tree is short it sure is a show stopper.

The red leafed Sumanagashi, the bloodgood Acer palmatum and the fireglow Japanese maple are other excellent varieties of trees that can be used in a Japanese tree garden.

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