Cobia Fishing Boats

Want to go Cobia fishing in Mexico? Looking for a Cobia fishing boat tour? Our guide to cobia fishing in Mexico gives you the facts & information you’ll want to know.

Cobia fishing in the Gulf of Mexico is a popular activity for many fishing enthusiasts across the US. Every year tens of thousands of fishing fans flock to the shores of the Gulf coast to participate in some of the most exciting fishing to be had in North America. Whether you are a die hard fishing fan or simply want to experience a couple of days on board a fishing boat, cobia fishing in Mexico is certainly an exciting experience. There are hundreds of small fishing outfits with day trips that you out into the Gulf of Mexico for a day of cobia fishing.

Cobia fish in the Gulf of Mexico

If you’re interested in Cobia fishing then the Gulf of Mexico is the best place to do it. Although the cobia fish are said to be present as far north as the waters off the coast of Canada and as far south as Argentina, cobia fish are most abundant in the Gulf of Mexico.  Cobia fish prefer to stay in waters with a temperature between 68°-86°F which makes the temperate waters of the Gulf of Mexico perfect for them.  As Cobia fish prefer to seek the shelter of reefs and ship wrecks, very often fishing boats will go to those areas before telling the fishers to cast their lines.

Cobia fish size

The impressive size of Cobia fish make them a particularly sought after fish for fishing enthusiast to catch and notch up under their belt. Some Cobia fish can get so large they are often mistaken for sharks by people that don’t know fish too well. Cobia fish have a long body with a spear shaped head and depressed jaw. Catching a Cobia fish can be quite a task. Once you’ve gotten the fish to take the bait, reeling it in can be a long difficult process. With some Cobia fish weighing in at close to100 pounds, bringing in a Cobia requires strength, skill and tenacity and can often take up to 15 minutes.

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