Japanese Zodiac Symbols

Interested in getting a Japanese Zodiac symbol tattoo? Want your Japanese horoscope read? Read on to get insight into the history and interpretation of Japanese zodiac symbols.

Zodiac symbols occupy a special place in the history of Japan. In fact the zodiac symbols are even considered important in today’s times. The zodiac symbols that we see today actually came into origin through the Chinese concept of measuring time shifts on twelve units.

The zodiac symbols came into existence due to the zoning of time and direction in to twelve different blocks. Each of these blocks is then given a name of an animal. Each zone has a different animal according to the Japanese tradition which are represented using Japanese kanji symbols. People born in a particular zone are considered to have particular common personality traits in common with the animal of the zone.

The rat is one of the most important zodiac symbols of Japan. People born in the rat zone are considered to be ambitious, honest and charming. Along with this they are considered to be perseverant and hard workers while being short tempered.

The Ox is another prominent zodiac symbol. Patience is one of the key virtues of the people born in the year of the ox. They are also considered to be mentally alert and articulate speakers. They are also known to have what it takes to succeed in life while inspiring others along the way as well.

The Tiger is considered to be stubborn and short tempered as well as sensitive at the same time. Courage is the overriding virtue of the tiger but they are also considered to be self centered and mean. People born in the year of the tiger are considered to be deep thinkers and comforters to the close ones.

The Rabbit is considered to be extremely fortunate. Smooth talking is the over riding personality trait of the people born in the year of the rabbit. They are also considered to be ambitious, talented, reserved and virtuous. They are also regarded as trust worthy and are admired by others.

The Dragon represents good health and energy along with stubbornness and short temperedness. At the same time they are considered to be brave, honest, sensitive and trustworthy. People born in the year of the dragon are considered to be the most peculiar out of all the zodiac signs.

The Snake zodiac symbol is sought to represent deep thinkers and seldom speakers that possess immense wisdom. They are considered to be money wise, determined and perseverant.

People born in the year of the Horse are known to be excessive talkers and pleasers. They are also considered to be good with finances because of their quick thinking capabilities and talents. Impatience and short temper are some of the drawbacks of their personality.

The Sheep symbol represents elegance and passion while possessing a deep love for religion. They seem to do things out of conviction rather than compulsion. Poeple belonging to the sign of the sheep may be interested in learning more about Japanese love symbols.

The Monkey symbolizes the genius of the zodiac cycle. Clever, skilful, inventive, original and have a nag for solving complicated problems.

The Rooster symbolizes deep thinkers and busy workers. They often seek to accomplish tasks that are beyond their means which makes them easily disappointed. The dog with its loyalty and the boar with its courage are the other two symbols that complete the zodiac cycle.

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