Portuguese Ceramic Pottery Dinnerware

Portuguese ceramic pottery dinnerware is undoubtedly an opulent cultural inheritance that you would love to possess. Read our guide below for more facts and information on this marvelous dinnerware…

Portugal is renowned for its exceptional quality in ceramic, local leather goods, handcrafted silver and gold, copper, embroidery, tapestry, porcelain and china, woodcarving, crystal, glassware and cork products. Pottery is a cultural heritage for the skilled potters in Portugal. With time they have evolved their skills and to date the expertise they exhibit in their designs is inimitable.

The rich heritage of Portuguese pottery

If we go back right up to the pre-historic times, there is evidence that the Portuguese and clay have always had a deep association. While mentioning the history of Portugal, it is inevitable that clay would also find a mention. During the 15th century, polychromatic styles in various geometric forms were famous. The designs had a Moorish and Asian influence. Pictures of peacocks, rooster and fish were commonly used.

During the 17th century, when Vasco de Gama returned, porcelain was introduced to Portugal. The Chinese influence diminished and Portuguese hunting scenes gained prominence. The color code became blue on a white background.

While discussing Portuguese pottery, the term “faiança” is used as “faience” and this is a particular technique used in Portugal for glazing the earthenware. Over the years, with various advancements in techniques and consumer requirements, the ceramic pottery has evolved greatly. Today you may come across an impressive assortment of Portuguese ceramic pottery dinnerware with exquisite patterns that are absolutely unique.

Caldas da Rainha

This is the unofficial pottery capital of Portugal with historical evidence on its heritage to pottery traveling back to pre-historic times. They offer two types of ceramic pottery: utility houseware (platters, mugs, bowls, dinnerware, plates etc) and decorative items (figurines, caricature etc). You can get your hands on some exquisite local ceramic pottery in a small village called Nisa too. A specialty of Nisa pottery is that the red clay has tiny quartz gems glistening all over the pottery.

Viana do Castelo

The first pottery factory opened here in 1774 and it is known as the northern capital of fine pottery, lace and gold. Its fine dinnerware is prepared to replicate exactly the crockery brought back by sailors from European countries. Each piece created here is hand-painted thoroughly to create unique porcelain. Every piece of art is a reflection of the painter and depicts his personality through his works. Each piece has no absorption because it is boiled at an extremely high temperature of 1415 degrees centigrade.


This town is located between Alcoa and Baha and is renowned for its excellent blue pottery. Portuguese ceramic pottery dinnerware is prepared from finest quality glazed stoneware. Found in delicate and unique patterns, each model is par excellence. They come with extravagant and intricate serving dishes that look grand on your dining table. Completely dish washer-safe, oven-safe and microwave-safe, they are a dream possession for every home.

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