Traditional Japanese Hairstyles

Get a load of the library of traditional Japanese hairstyles as we explore the reasons why they are still popular today.

Never has the public of Japan been as style conscious as it is today. This awareness of looks has come about as a result of the influence of the mass media which has given birth to innumerable desires in people out of which hairstyling is one of them. This is not to say that the Japanese were not into hairstyling prior to the 21st century. Rather the country has its own set of traditional Japanese hairstyles.

From ancient times till today some of the trendiest Japanese hairstyles have been short hairstyles. The bob style length has been a classic Japanese cut for centuries. The Japanese touch is added by the feathery layers that accentuate the texture as well as the height.

The traditional Japanese hairstyles revolve around the kind of face cuts that the oriental people tend to have. The above mentioned classic hair-do for example is ideal for oriental or other women who have an oval, diamond or oblong faces. The kind of hair that can be worked best into this style is medium and thin hair. This traditional Japanese style is such that it adds height, volume and thickness to the hair.

The collection of traditional Japanese hair cuts feature a selection of medium slice hair do’s as well. Traditionally these kinds of hairstyles are heavy graduation and involve the use of razor cutting. This is done in order to create medium straight hair that has a certain amount of flare.

As with the above mentioned traditional hairstyle this one too fits like a glove upon those with an oriental face cut. This particular hairstyle is considered to be more on the sophisticated side and it was often the elite class that sported such a hair do.

Further on the Japanese traditional hairstyle library has some sassy haircuts such as the Japanese Jane Fonda look. This is a jagged cut style with the hair ending at the chin level. The top of the hair along with the sides are angled and layered using razor cut. This is the kind of hair cut that creates wispy side sweeps and a full flick. This is one of the more popular Japanese hairstyles still seen on the streets.

Looking into the history of traditional Japanese hairstyles we find elegance to be the overriding factor that predominates their hair styling. Elegance is something that never goes out of fashion. This is one of the reasons why the age old traditional hair do’s from Japan are still being carried on by men and women in today’s modern times.

The only problem that people face when looking to get a traditional Japanese hair cut is making a choice. Since the library is so extensive one is likely to become overwhelmed with all the choices at bay.

There are however certain considerations that you have to make prior to going with a particular Japanese hairstyle. You may find a certain hairstyle to be quite attractive but it may not have the same appeal on your face. Hence the face cut of the individual and the colour, texture and weight of the hair are the elements that you need to take into consideration prior to making a choice.

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