WWII Japanese Swords

Interested in knowing about WWII Japanese swords. Find out as we take a look at the popular Japanese swords used during that time.

Digging into the world of Japanese swords one is likely to be overwhelmed with the amount of information that is available out there. Since swords have been a prominent part of Japanese history you will be able to find a wide variety of styles belonging to different times.

Amongst the many interesting times with regards to the collection of swords that were used during are the years of WWII. Although in terms of human casualties this era is one of the worst eras witnessed by the world at the moment the discussion is from a totally different point of view.

Our aim is to delve into the collection of swords that were used by the Japanese forces during the years of WWII. There are many people who desperately seek WWII Japanese swords for the purpose of adding to their sword collection but they are not that easy to find.

Sword types

There were a number of swords used by the Japanese forces during WWII. The Katana as it is known was one of the more popular swords circulating within the military during those years. Some of these swords were actually handed down generations expanding over hundreds of years.

You will find many shops claiming to be selling the famous Japanese WWII sword the katana in shops as well as on the internet. Most of these swords are actually replicas or fakes of the original. The real ones are really rare and really expensive.

A genuine katana sword from the years of WW11 would cost you more than three thousand dollars. Even the biggest sword collecting enthusiast has to think twice before dishing out this kind of money to obtain Japanese WWII swords. This is why most people settle with superior quality replicas rather than spend a fortune on obtaining the original.

Although the Katana was being used in WWII it was developed a lot earlier in Japanese history. The ancient tradition was that the sword was part of a set that contained jewels and a mirror representing the three imperial treasures, a legendary story that circulated amongst the Japanese during those years.

The WWII Japanese Army Officers Sword is another classic that any collector would love to have up on his shelf. With a blade measuring a staggering twenty six and a half inches the total length of the sword measured at thirty four and a half inches.

This particular sword was constructed on the Shin-Gunto pattern and had the typical cherry blossom military mounts. The handle had a brown cloth binding over the ray skin and the sword had a pierced shin gunto tsuba that served the purpose of spring clip retention. The blade featured a straight temper line.

One can still be hopeful of finding original Japanese WWII swords as compared to the really old Japanese swords. You can make use of the internet to search for Japanese WWII swords on auction and if you are lucky you might be able to get your hands on one in good condition.

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