French Fries Processing Machine

Are you looking for a french fries processing machine for you business? Have you been wondering about the efficiency of a french fries processing machine? Read our helpful guide for information and facts…

Technology has touched all phases of human life including the restaurant and fast food industry. Fast food has become a way of life for most people across the world. And even though it is primarily responsible for obesity in adults and children alike there is no indication of the trend ceasing any time soon. So offering products and machinery which make the production of fast food items easy, mechanized and hygienic is big business. There are many companies offering food processing machines for different fast food products. When one talks about fast food you cannot possibly ignore the dominance of french fries.

These little fried pieces of potatoes are by far the favorite fast food item of food lovers across the world. Nobody has been able to pinpoint the reason for their popularity yet most fast food companies including retail giants like McDonalds count French fries among their most sold products. So if you intend to open your own fast food restaurant here is a look at French fries processing machines.

Normally French fries are served as long thin strips of potatoes that are deep fried. However some restaurants also serve variations of this standard recipe in the form of waffles, curlies or thick cuts and wedges. All of these savories are deep fried and may be served with or without a sprinkling of salt and spices.

There are two ways to prepare french-fries; it can either be done manually or in a french-fries processing machine. When prepared manually, the task is more cumbersome and involves peeling, slicing, drying and frying the chips. However this is not a feasible option for large scale commercial production. And for this the ideal solution is a vending machine or a French fryer.

A vending machine is the first type of french-fries processing machine. There is more than one chamber that holds different types of frozen food items in a vending machine. The customer can choose the food item that he/she wants. Each holding chamber has an outlet from where the food is transferred to the cooking unit. This frying unit comprises of a heating mechanism, a filter and hot circulating oil for deep frying the food items. These machines emit no smoke because the filter takes care of any odor or smoke produced. Once the frying is complete condiments are added to the prepared food item before they are dispensed.

A fryer is the second type of french-fries processing machine. This type is commonly seen in fast food restaurants. The machine incorporates an equal side to side oil flow system that ensures uniform cooking. The oil velocity, temperature and volume can be adjusted in these machines with the help of several inlets and outlets for the oil.

The type of French fries processing machine that you choose entirely depends on the requirements of your business.

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