Buttocks Surgery in Mexico

Thinking about gluteoplasty in Mexico? Want to know about costs and where the best surgeries in Mexico are for buttocks surgery? Our guide to this surgical procedure gives you the facts & information you want to know.

Mexico has got another feather in its cap. It is getting famous day by day for its medical tourism. All sorts of cosmetic surgeries are being performed there successfully as the doctors are very capable and experienced and good medical facilities are available. There is one very strong reason to opt for surgery in Mexico. It is a lot cheaper compared to the prices in the USA.

The strong desire of all humans to look their best is what is being granted. People are ready to spend money to look like their idols, but it costs a fortune in the USA. Mexican cosmetic surgery has provided them a way to achieve better bodies by spending less. This is what has caused medical tourism in Mexico to boom and the Mexican government to earn millions of dollars each year. One such surgery is the buttock reshaping surgery. This surgical procedure is also called gluteoplasty or buttock augmentation. It is designed to reshape the size of your buttocks, to provide it with firmness and a more aesthetic appearance. The buttock area is to not easily reduced or made firm by the traditional weight reduction methods or exercise; therefore many opt for this operation to improve the looks of their buttocks.

Two Types of Buttock Surgery

In the first way, buttock augmentation is achieved using fat. Fat is removed from a part in your own body. It is then treated and injected into your buttocks. There is little chance of rejection, as it is from the body’s own tissue and it can make your buttocks look very natural. Those parts of the body having extra fat are used for this procedure, like the thighs, upper and lower buttocks. Usually the cost of this kind of surgery has an average of $5,650 with financing options starting as low as $126 per month.

The second technique uses a silicone buttock implant (different shapes, sizes and textures) to create a rounder and fuller shape. Fat grafting and Liposuction is commonly done in conjunction with this procedure to create the contour and desired shape. This kind of surgery on average costs around $4,500.

There are a few requirements for the surgery to be performed to have optimal results. The patient should be:
1. in good health
2. A non-smoker
3. Willing to follow all recovery recommendations
4. have realistic expectations

Mexico Buttock Surgery Risks

Every surgical procedure has its risks and the risks of buttock augmentation are minimal. The main risk of the procedure is fat absorption, in case of the first technique, occurring in approximately one-third of patients. Bleeding, infection and scarring are rare.

You will be able to go back to work after 3-5 days, but you will have to wear a special garment for 3-4 weeks. Also, stretching exercises have to be performed daily. The recovery time for this type of procedure is around 1 month and any swelling which might occur will go away in a maximum of a couple of months. Joining gym classes may take around one month, but some patients may recover sooner.

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