Ciudad Juarez Chihuahua Mexico

Looking for hotels in Ciudad Juarez in Chihuahua Mexico? Perhaps you’re looking for directions to the airport or you want more information on the infamous Ciudad Juarez murders. Our guide gives you the facts & information you want to know.

This little city, Ciudad Juarez, is found 368 km northeast of Chihuahua City in the state of Chihuahua, Mexico. Ciudad Juarez is considered an important city for the state of Chihuahua. Before, this city was known as Paso Del Norte.

Ciudad Juarez History

El Paso del Norte was founded by Spanish explorers while seeking a route to the southern Rocky Mountains in 1659. One of the earliest developments in the area was the Mission of Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe. The Ciudad Juarez and the El Paso, Texas are among of the 14 pairs of cross-border towns along the US-Mexico Border. The city was renamed to Juarez in honor of Benito Juarez in 1888. The city served as a temporary stopping point for Juarez’s republican armies until he was able to establish his government-in-exile in Chihuahua during the French intervention in Mexico. It also served as a Mexican capital during the early period of the Mexican Revolution. Intense fighting occurred when forces dedicated their loyalty to opposition candidate Francesco I. Madero led by Pancho Villa, held the city of Juarez on November 20, 1910.

Juarez Economy Mexico

Juarez recovered during the US Prohibition era and became an entertainment center. The city attracted more tourists because of bullfighting activities in the city, bars, nightclubs, brothels and shopping. Due to a large number of people looking for jobs in the city, big companies like the Delphi Corporation were attracted to put up business. This company now employs about 2,000 engineers. Since a lot of people were attracted to the city’s growing economy, many left the province to live in the city which now has produced a large area of slum housing.

Ciudad Juarez Attractions

Popular places in Ciudad Juarez are Auditorio Municipal, an art theater behind UACJ Med School; Zona Pronaf, where we can find bars, museums, shops, restaurants and entertainment in one place;  Estadio Olímpico Benito Juárez, the home of the soccer team Los Indios; Parque Chamizal, a park consisting of 40 acres of jogging trails, swings and recreational areas; Parque Central, a recreational area found 20 km south of the US-Mexico border; and Parque Xtremo, the biggest extreme park in Latin America.

Ciudad Juarez Chihuahua Entertainment

Like most cities in Mexico, one of Juarez’s popular sports is soccer. Indios de Ciudad Juarez is the City’s local soccer team. Other games like basketball, baseball, tennis and American football are being practiced in high schools and universities in the city. There are two stadiums namely Estadio Olímpico Benito Juárez and Estadio 20 de Noviembre which can also be found in the city. Mountain biking is also a popular sport in this city and the chupacabras 10 km race is held annually in Ciudad Juarez.

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