German Helmet Liners

Looking for German helmets liners? It’s possible to get reproduction helmet liners in different sizes and quality so read ahead to learn more…

There are different types of reproduction helmet liners available in the market. Most of them are manufactured in Eastern Europe in small factories and are of substantially good quality. With the use of industrial manufacturing equipment the quality is set to match restoration efforts on World War I and World War II helmets. Resellers ensure the availability of these liners in America and the rest of the world where people are interested in restoring German helmets.

Combat Helmet Liners

The World War II combat liners are designed to fit the helmets M1935, M1940, and M1942, as well as a variety of shell sizes. There are also firms which specialize in making liners for the German paratrooper helmet. These are produced with high quality equipment. They are so close to the original that only a discerning eye can tell the difference between a reproduction and the original. Completed with zinc or aluminum metal bands for strength, the leather bands are also stitched properly. The foam caps as well as the pads are also very similar to the originals.

It can be utilized for combat as well as paratrooper helmets. The manufacturers have gone to great lengths to get all the materials that were used in the original helmets. Even the ink and steel stamp markings that were on the originals are represented on the replica. However, if most of the liners are sold as originals then they are actually counterfeit. Replicated down to the last detail they are quite expensive and not worthwhile for any manufacturer. The liners would not fetch the same price as they did in previous years.

Replicas Up to Original Standards

Some of replicas are also being aged to look like they are old. The best reproductions that are being manufactured are paratrooper helmets made in Czechoslovakia. The reason for these high end helmet liners is that the industrialists try to fleece the European and US clientele by telling them that they are original, when in fact they are just high end forgeries.

In order to understand the helmet liner it is important to know that the innermost part of the helmet is the liner band. It is essential that it is of good quality because this is the piece to which the leather liner was originally attached. As a complete unit the liner was fitted inside the combat helmet and had two bands, an eight finger leather liner and a drawstring.

A thin pliable sheet of metal with flat metal bars riveted onto it was placed inside the liner band. These small metal bars worked at the spring which stuck to the thick outer band of metal. Outside the liner band were two metal retainers that held in place the small D ring on which the chinstrap was fastened. There was one D ring on each side of the helmet liner at approximately ear length. The chinstrap could be adjusted to manage the size and comfort of the helmet on the wearer’s head. Again, this facilitated in placing the chinstrap on the visor of the helmet if it was not placed under the chin.

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