Ciudad Obregon Sonora Mexico

Going on vacation to Ciudad Obregon? Want to know about hotels, restaurants and fun activities in Ciudad Obregon? Our guide to Ciudad Obregon gives you the facts & information you want to know.

It may be only 78 years old, but Ciudad Obregon is the second largest city of Sonora, Mexico.  Ciudad Obregon enjoys all of best that modern life has to offer: the inhabitants have a high level of education; there are plenty of jobs, fine restaurants, parks, and nightclubs.

Ciudad Obregon Hotels

There is no need for travelers to worry about lodging when visiting this town. Because of its’ size Ciudad Obregon, Sonora Mexico has plenty of the big motel chains that are popular in the United States.  The Holiday Inn offers a free continental breakfast and excellent customer service.  The Holiday Inn is located at Miguel Aleman Sn, Col Centro CP 85000.  The Best Western is a moderate priced hotel which also gives good customer service.  Best Western is located at Miguel Aleman 929 NTE, Col Centro.  Visitors on a budget might want to consider the Days Inn.  This budget motel has a good reputation for providing clean rooms at a fair price.  The Days Inn is located at Miguel Aleman SN, Col Centro CP 85000.

Ciudad Obregon Restaurants

Ciudad Obregon, Sonora Mexico has some of the best food stands in the world.  There are stands that serve a large variety of tacos. And the hotdogs are outrageous. You can get hot dogs with mushrooms, tomatoes, salsa, and any other variety one can think of.  La Tarraya restaurant is one of the biggest chain restaurants in Mexico. At La Tarraya guests are guaranteed great food and service.  Ciudad Obregon is located close to the sea, and as such, has an ample supply of fresh fish.  The inhabitants of this city love Japanese food and especially sushi. Two good sushi bars to try are Sushi Niko and Super Oriental.

Ciudad Obregon Activities

There is never a dull moment in Ciudad Obregon, Sonora Mexico.   The man-made Nainari Lagoon is a must see.  It has a boat dock and 2 piers; which make it ideal with water sports such as skiing and canoeing.   Nainari Lagoon also has a boardwalk with food and drink stands.    The mission of the Yaqui Museum is to preserve the culture of the Yuqui people; who inhabited the area before the town was formed.  The Yuqui Museum houses ancient relics and artifacts.  For a bit of excitement visitors can go four wheeling in the sand dunes of Huivalai Island. This island is located 5 kilometers off the coast of Sonora, Mexico; in the sea of Cortez.

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