Names Of German Field Marshals World War 2

Looking for the names of German Field Marshals from World War 2? Discover the services and names of World War II German Field Marshals…

There were many German field marshals who served in the military during World War II. One of the honorary German field marshals in World War II was Eduard von Böhm-Ermolli. The field marshal Werner von Blomberg was considered a core member of the German army before World War II. He was born in the town of Stargard in Germany and was quite young when he joined the German army. He attended college in 1904 and as part of Germany’s War College was a very keen student. Following his graduation in 1907 he joined the General Staff in 1908. He served with distinction at the Western Front during World War I. He progressed quickly through the ranks, but after a military disagreement he was designated as Military Commander in Chief of East Prussia.

Adm. Hermann Wilhelm Göring was another noteworthy member of the military in Germany. He is in fact credited as the founding father of the Gestapo, which was the Nazi secret police. He is the architect of Nazi Germany and his name is often quoted by different top officials in documents. He was known for manufacturing consent amongst people and was born in the town of Rosenheim in Bavaria to a colonial bureaucrat and lawyer. He went on to join the cadet school and has been noted for his activities in the German military upon joining.

Generals Rising to the Ranks of Field Marshals

Friedrich Paulus is another notable German general who was promoted quickly to the rank of field marshal during World War II. He was responsible as a commander of the German Sixth Army which was active during the fiery Battle of Stalingrad. Unfortunately he followed Hitler’s orders to hold on to the position in Stalingrad against his better judgment, and eventually his forces were completely surrounded by the enemy. This resulted in the defeat of the Sixth Army regiment and the Russian troops as well as the Romanian allies.

Forays into Foreign Lands

Field Marshall Walther von Brauchitsch had a very high rank in the German military starting in 1921, and rose to power in 1933 under Hitler’s regime. He was one of Hitler’s prime supporters.

In 1938 he was the chief commander of land forces and led many campaigns in Norway, Western Europe, Denmark, Poland and the Balkans. In 1940 he was promoted to the rank of Field Marshall. He was relieved of his command of the land forces in 1941when he retired. He was tried for alleged war crimes before his death in 1948 and actually died in custody.

Field Marshal Walther von Reichenau started his career as a German military commander. He was the son of a military man and joined the German army in 1902. He served on the Western front during World War II and was the recipient of the Iron Cross. He was also part of the Army throughout the Weimar Republic era, and served as the General Staff officer. Following that he became the chief of staff to the Inspector of signals in the 1930’s, and also served under General Werner von Blomberg. He was introduced to the architect of Nazi Germany, Adolf Hitler, by his uncle in 1932. He soon became a convert and joined the Nazi Party.

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