Costa Maya Real Estate

Looking for real estate in Costa Maya? Want to know where the best real estate in Costa Maya is? Our guide gives you the facts & information you’ll want to know.

Costa Maya is fast becoming the hot talking point in the world of real estate in Mexico. Many US citizens are investing in real estate on the Costa Maya for a variety of reasons. Some people believe the Costa Maya is where the next big real estate boom is going to take place and want to get in on the action before its too late. Other people however appreciate the Costa Maya for what it has to offer. A beautiful climate with natural surroundings close to the beach is just about all anyone can ask for in a place to live and this is exactly what you get with the Costa Maya.

Retirement Real Estate in Costa Maya

The Costa Maya is proving to be particularly popular with a whole generation of baby boomers who are now reaching retirement age and looking for somewhere nice to settle down. Many people in the US view the Costa Maya as an ideal location not only because the real estate prices are lower, but also the cost of living. One person can live very comfortably on only $500 per month in the Costa Maya and you are only ever one short plane ride away from the US should you need to go back for anything.

Buying Real Estate in Costa Maya

Of course the cost of real estate in the Costa Maya varies depending on the precise location and how big the plot you intend to buy is. An average plot of land with some real estate on it is currently going for about $50,000. This is a fraction of the price of what you would pay for a similar piece of real estate in the US. The only catch involved in buying real estate in Costa Maya arises when it comes to financing. Getting a loan from a bank in Mexico is not an option as they do not provide those services there, so the only thing for you to do is buy the real estate outright. This is usually done through taking out a second mortgage or selling an existing piece of real estate in the US and using the proceeds to buy your home in the Costa Maya.

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