American Girl Horses

Looking for American Girl horses? Want to know about all the different styles of horses available? Read our guide for more information on choosing the right horse for you…

Animals, in particular horses, are a favorite of young girls. The American Girl horse is one of the items that is sold on the company web site and through its catalogue. The horse has chestnut brown fur with a dark brown mane and long tail. White fur runs up its four feet up to the knee joints. It has a royal blue colour saddle blanket and faux-leather saddle with stirrups that are adjustable. The reins are also faux-leather.

Another American Girl horse that is on sale is the palomino horse in a light brown colour. It has a cream colored saddle blanket atop which rests a faux-leather saddle and adjustable bridle. The white mane and tail is velvety to the touch and can be braided by its young owner.

The American Girl Western horse and saddle set feature a lovely black horse in stride. The saddle set included a faux-leather saddle, a feed bag and a feed bucket for the horse meal times as well as a cotton saddle bag for storing supplies. Hair elastics in the set are for styling the mane of the horse and its coat is kept clean with a brush.

A foal called Patriot is another American Girl horse that is a hit among young girls. This foal has shiny dark brown fur and comes with a red and white checked coat for warmth. It has a rope halter with a red ribbon and stands at 13.5”.

Interesting Facts about Horses

Asians were historically the first people who tamed and rode horses. They developed the saddle and stirrups that were used to secure the rider on the horse. On other continents, such as the Americas, horses were ridden bare back, without a saddle. Horses were used for centuries as a mode of travel before the modern era replaced horses with automobiles and other transportation modes. In the American North West, the mustang is a free roaming feral horse that is descended from Iberian horses. They were instrumental in travel and transportation during the pioneer era of American history.

All American Girl horses are durable and well made with velvety fur and stand at least a foot high. A must have for horse lovers. American Girl horses are a delight to behold and own!

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