Delicias Chihuahua Mexico

Going on vacation to Delicias in Chihuahua Mexico? Interested in the history, culture, economy and tourist attractions of Delicias Chihuahua? Our guide gives you the facts & information you want to know.

Delicias is one of the largest cities in the state of Chihuahua, Mexico. It is located at the central area of the state of Chihuahua and has a surface area of 335,400 sq. km. Delicias is comprised of three territories: Meoqui, Saucillo and Rosales. To its north is Meoqui, to the south, Saucillo and to the west, Rosales. The terrain of Delicias is plain and is adjacent to the Conchos and San Pedro Rivers. Delicias has a semi-arid climate. It has a mean temperature of 18.6º C from its normal temperature range of -13º C to 42º C.

The name of the city of “Delicias” came from the old Delicias Property, which produced cotton and vineyards lucratively. The municipality was founded on January 7, 1935 after the constitution of the Irrigation System in 1932. From then on onwards, the region has become of a focal point of agricultural importance to the state. It was only in October 29, 1960, however, that it was declared as a city by the state Congress. To date, it bags the title as the youngest city in all of Mexico. The motto of the city is: Work, Loyalty and Certainty. The motto may also be found embedded on the official seal of the city.

Delicias Chihuahua Economy

Since it was constituted as a city, Delicias has already progressed highly. Over the past 10 years the city has grown commercially and industrially after more businesses and homes are being built. In fact, as of 2005, the city already has a population of 127, 211. Among its residents are 403 indigenous people. The predominant religion in the city is Roman Catholicism. Although most of its area has already been urbanized, the city still relies heavily on agriculture as a source of livelihood. Common agricultural products grown are cotton, soy, peanut, sorghum, wheat, onions and fruit trees among others. Operating a cattle ranch is also one of the main businesses since the city has a high demand for cattle and cattle products such as dairy. Other industries thriving are wood furniture manufacturing and commercial establishments like wet markets, store clothes, ironworks and some more.

Delicias Mexico Festivals

Delicias is also a tourist magnet. There are a number of museums in Delicias among which are the Museum of Paleontology and the Museum of Mining. Other delights the city has to offer are spas, resorts and other recreational venues. Other festivities are the feast of Isidro every 15th of May. The feast is celebrated usually with the traditional mass in a cultural field followed by activities and food afterwards. Other attractions also involve regular regional fairs during the last two weeks of July and the Expo Delicias, which takes place from 18th of July to the 3rd of August.

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