Italian Greyhound Adoption

Are you looking to adopt an Italian Greyhound? Do you know the risks involved in adopting a dog from a shelter as opposed to buying one from a breeder? Read on for facts & information…

If you’re not familiar with Italian greyhounds (IG) then you are advised to read up on this particular breed and it’s particular traits. IG’s are absolutely wonderful! But, they aren’t the breed for everyone, so it’s best to do the homework and make sure it’s the right breed for you and then proceed. There are also a couple of really great books about Italian greyhounds that we’d highly recommend – whether you’re an experienced IG person, or just learning about the breed, we think you’ll find them very informative – It’s important to fully understand the ins and outs of the Italian greyhound breed before adopting.

After doing the homework, if you’re still sure that the Italian Greyhound is the breed for you, then as per general adoption procedures the prospective owner should make donation. Then the first step is to fill out the adoption application and return it. If both steps are approved, and an IG is found for you, then after completing the adoption agreement you’ll be able to arrange pick up of your new Italian greyhound family member. The rescue team will remain in contact with you throughout the initial adjustment period, and beyond, helping to answer any and all questions that come up. We prefer to stay in touch always, as we love getting updates, photos, and stories about the pets we have placed. They remain in our hearts long after they’ve moved into yours!!

Greyhound Adoption Requirements

When adopting a greyhound you should check it has been spayed or neutered and has been given their annual set of shots. Each dog is tested for heartworms and is currently on heartworm preventative. Newly adopted greyhounds will come with a Premier leash and collar, an identification tag and a greyhound muzzle. The adopter must agree to keep their greyhound free of parasites, properly vaccinated, on heartworm preventative and indoors. We would recommend adopting another dog if your greyhound is to be mainly an outside dog. They have little body fat causing them to become extremely cold in the winter and too hot in the summer – a good rule of thumb is if you are uncomfortable, they are too. Also because greyhounds are extremely social, they prefer to be inside with their owners.

How to Adopt Your Greyhound

You need to give detailed thought and serious consideration to your decision to adopt a greyhound. Being a responsible greyhound owner requires a commitment on your part both financially and emotionally for many years to come to make it like home for the dog. A greyhound wants to be part of your family, whether you are one, or many more.

Generally once your application to adopt a dog has been received, you will be contacted by a volunteer to discuss your application and answer any questions you might have. If your application is approved, arrangements will be made for you to see available greyhounds that are suited for your situation. The length of time between application approval and receiving your dog will depend on the availability of dogs matching your preferences, and the mode of delivery. Options will be discussed with you. We want you to get the dog best suited for your lifestyle and your wishes.

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