Neck Lines Of Indian Suits

Want to learn more about neck lines of Indian suits? Read on for info on the different kinds of neck lines that are popularly used in traditional Indian suits…

Indian suits have become very popular and trendy as compared to the traditional sari. The main reason for this is because they allow more mobility and modest coverage for women on the go.

This decent attire has been modernized to match all the latest fashion trends. From the use of different materials to creating specific embellishments for an outfit, the Indian suits have been taken from basic modest attire to a fashionable outfit. Of course most people like to retain the decency of the clothing and prefer to work on incorporating the fashion trend through creating different neck lines.

Basic Neck Lines

The most classy and standard neck lines prevalent on Indian suits are the square, V-shaped or round neck. These are often chosen by women for every day wear Indian suits as it prevents the hassle and inconvenience of selecting a new design each time you have an outfit stitched. Another reason why these necklines are popular on Indian suits is because they elongate the neck of the wearer and each woman likes the feel and look of a particular style on their outfits.

A very popular and common neck line on Indian suits is the Nehru collar which is a single pleated collar created with a stiff material lining under the actual outfit lining. The buttons are not visible across the seam running on the chest. The V-neck is said to elongate the wearer’s neck by visually drawing the eyes downward. Conversely some women prefer the high-neck which starts from a basic collar on the neck and extends down the front in a pear or tear drop shape.

For younger girls, the men’s shirt collar is a popular addition to the neckline of Indian suits. However, instead of the traditional button down front panel, it is finished off with either a V neck front or three buttons running down the front. A classy neckline used for traditional outfits is the round neck with a deep tear drop suspended from it. The two ends of the tear drop are secured with a string or button.

Fancy Neck Lines

With the Indian suits evolving into high fashion clothing the neck line of the outfits have also become fancier. For example the use of scalloped neck lines has become very common for formal and bridal outfits. These create an interesting visual effect especially when they are embroidered on. Apart from this the basic square and round neck lines are embellished with strings of beads, lace or sequins to create an interesting effect and decorate a basic outfit with a little finishing touch. A classic trend using strings or beads is created on the square neck line. The basic square is embellished with two strings running across it to form an X which is duplicated on the back.

Asymmetrical necklines are also popular on Indian Outfits where the neckline looks like an isosceles triangle and is finished off with a deep colored piping from the base up.

The high collar neckline often has a strip of buttons and eyelets running down the front of the torso. This is embellished with thread embroidery, pre-fabricated lace or crystal trim. The degree of embellishment depends on how rich the fabric is and the purpose of wear of the outfit.

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