Mexico Real Estate Investments

Looking for Mexico Real Estate Investments? Want to know where the best real estate investments in Mexico are? Our guide gives you the facts & information you’ll want to know.

Mexico is increasingly becoming the destination of choice for many US real estate investment professionals wanting to get a piece of the next big property boom action. With the current lackluster state of the real estate market in the US, many people are heading south with their dollars to find a good area in Mexico in which to invest in some real estate.

There are several reasons that make Mexico an attractive place to invest in real estate. Firstly, the number of US citizens and other foreign nationals going to live in Mexico, often as a retirement destination, is increasing. Mexico offers a more pleasantly calm pace of life with better weather, cheaper living costs and cheaper healthcare coverage. So, even if you’re not thinking of going to live in Mexico, many other people are which means there’s an increased demand for real estate which will lead to a price hike.

Finding Real Estate Investment Opportunities in Mexico

One of the most effective ways of finding good real estate investment opportunities in Mexico is to follow what the Mexican government says in terms of their plans for future regeneration projects. Every few years the government in Mexico announces their intentions to develop a particular area updating its infrastructure, bringing electricity and water to the area as a whole in addition to the laying of a new road system. This is a sure sign that an area in Mexico is about to undergo a real estate boom. Prime examples of this in Mexico today are towns on the Yucatan Peninsula such as Cancun and Playa Del Carmen. Only thirty years ago these places were mere fishing villages, whereas today they are international tourism destinations with real estate prices to rival any prime locations in the US or Europe. Anyone who was shrewd enough to buy real estate in Cancun only twenty years ago would have paid a pittance, while today their real estate would have increased in value at least ten fold.

Mexico Real Estate Investment Opportunities

The current hotspot in terms of real estate investment in Mexico today is the Costa Maya. This 57 mile strip of pristine coastlines located just south of Cancun is still almost untouched by large scale development. The Mexican government have already announced a regeneration project bringing water and electricity to the area which means that now is the time to get on board the Costa Maya Real Estate boom train and wait for your property to shoot up in value over the nest 10 years.

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