Jalpa Zacatecas Mexico

Going on vacation to Mexico? Passing through Jalpa Zacatecas? Want to know about hotels & sightseeing in Jalpa? Our guide gives you the facts & information you want to know.

Jalpa, a uniquely colonial style city, is found in Zacatecas in the state of Mexico. Jalpa is Jalisco’s neighboring city. The city of Jalpa has a distinct architectural motif that reflects the years when it was still under foreign rule. The churches at Jalpa commonly possess the architectural design found in Spain. The Jalpa plaza is a must see spot along with the cobble stone covered streets and circuitous walkways of this unique city of Jalpa. Jalpa indeed is a mix of modern and traditional engineering and architecture.

Jalpa Mexico Population

Around 35,000 people dwell in Jalpa, Zacatecas Mexico. A considerable number of families reside in nearby ranches and the others live inside the colonial style city of Jalpa. Jalpa is now evolving as a major transportation center in Mexico specifically for the cities of Zacatecas, Guadalajara and Aguascalientes. In the near future, economists in Mexico believe that Jalpa will become a primary spot of development in Zacatecas because of its strategic location. People living in Jalpa are diverse and of rich cultural origin. The demographic characteristic of Jalpa is likewise in some way unique. The population of Jalpa is mostly dominated by older residents with more females than male residents. The local or native residents do not comprise the biggest bulk of the population of Jalpa.

Jalpa Zacatecas Economy

Jalpa is no longer a place where agriculture is its economy’s lifeblood. Though there are a considerable number of families in Jalpa dedicated to farming, this is nonetheless not the source of primary income of Jalpa. Residents of Jalpa going abroad and sending remittances back to their families constitute a major revenue source of Jalpa nowadays. Many people from Jalpa go to the United States to look for greener pastures to support the needs of their families. In general, there are one or two members of each typical family who try their luck outside Jalpa.

Jalpa Mexico Living Conditions

Water is a concern in Jalpa today. It is reported that water in Jalpa is rationed to families because of shortage of potable water. This is one of the reasons why the agricultural and livestock sectors are not getting much better than they should be in Jalpa these days. The local government of Jalpa is now looking for alternatives and solutions to this concern as it has tremendous impact on the development of Jalpa in general.

During the month of December, Jalpa celebrates The Fair That Unites Us or “La Feria Que Nos Une”. The occasion is characterized by parades and parties that run through the heart of the town centre and involves more or less the entire population of the Jalpa.

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