Jive Turkey

Want to learn more about jive turkey? Read on for facts and info about this unique slang vocabulary developed in the 1970s…

The term jive turkey is used to describe a number of different terminologies. For the larger part it was used to describe an entire vocabulary consisting of slang words and phrases that became popular in the 1970s.

Jive turkey is also regarded as being a derogatory slang term by itself in African American Vernacular English. The slang word is used to refer to an unreliable person who is known for making empty promises. In other words, a typical moron who is full of bluster is called a jive turkey.

Jive Turkey in Popular Culture

The term was popularly used by many funk bands of the 1960s and 70s. The word was particularly popular in the Ohio region where local bands actually performed a song by the same name. The insulting term further soared to popularity as it was frequently used in a number of television comedy shows during the 1980s. Its use was particularly popular in the television comedy known as The Jeffersons. Some later television shows have also had some of their characters making use of the term. Homer Simpson from the cartoon The Simpsons has been shown using the term.

A number of Hollywood blockbuster films also had the term as part of the script. Will Ferrel in his silver screen flick titled “Semi-Pro” was seen using this term. Trading Places is another Hollywood film in which the use of the word can be noticed. George Jefferson from the 1970s was particularly noted for using the slang word.

Ironically Jive Turkey is also the name of a quick dance step that originated in Germany, back in the 1930s. The same step is also known as the chicken waddle.

Jive Turkey Slang

Those that were well versed in speaking the jive in the 1970s would appear to be speaking in a foreign language to ordinary speakers of the English language. They had their own vocabulary that consisted of bizarre terms and even more outlandish meanings.

Some popular Jive Turkey terms and words that were used during the 70s are given below:

Skinney is one of the most popular words used during the 70s. This word was used to describe the real deal or the truth about a matter. Another phrase that is even popularly used today is “Can you dig it” which obviously means do you understand. Similarly psyche is also used today when looking to trick someone.

Bogue was another term that was sort of a short form for bogus and was used to point out an unrealistic idea. The crib was used to describe a home and this terminology is still prevalent today. The term spaz was used for someone who was always acting stupid or being clumsy.

Furthermore you had the term “Far Out” which was used to describe something cool. As you can see many of the jive turkey terms that were developed back in the 1970s are still in use in popular culture today. You shouldn’t be surprised if people fail to understand your jive turkey. In fact, the term itself is now used to describe a person who has no idea what he’s talking about.

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