Austrian Food

Interested in knowing about the food of Austria? Read on to find out as we take a look into the factors that influenced the cuisine of the country and the things that set it apart from other European cuisines.

There is a common misconception amongst people regarding Austrian cuisine as they tend to equate it with Viennese cuisine. The truth is that the two are definitely not the same as the cuisine of Austria originates from the cuisine of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The cuisine is also influenced by local and regional traditions which give it diversity and richness. Amongst the foreign nations that have had a significant influence on the cuisine of Austria are Hungary, Italy, Czechoslovakia and Bavaria. The collection of dishes and the methods of cooking have all come about as a result of these foreign influences.

A closer analysis of the Austrian cuisine reveals it to be a multicultural as well as a trans-cultural cuisine. In fact it is unique in its standing amongst the other European nations. The improvements in means of mass communications have exposed the Austrian cuisine to the rest of the world. Today the cuisine is known all around the world for its amazing sweets and pastries that have tantalized the taste buds of a global audience. Over time the Austrian cuisine has also evolved and one will be able to find lots of regional variance in the cuisine as well. Certain contemporary influences have also given the cuisine of the country a new and modernistic touch.

Popular Austrian Food Items

Like many of the European nations coffee is an integral part of the Austrian cuisine. But naturally Austria has its own variations to the drink. Amongst the most popular versions of the drink is the Keiner Schwarzer which is the localized version of the Mokka but leans more towards espresso. The Franzeiskaner, Kapuziner and Melange are other popular versions served through out the country. The Austrians are also very fond of hot chocolate. They have a specially prepared drink with lots of heavy cream and rich Viennese chocolate.

The Austrians are into snacking between meals. The most popular snack items are open sandwiches with sausages and mustard. Leberkase rolls and Schnitzelsemmeln are other favorites on the snack list. A spiced bratwurst in a hot dog roll known as Bosna is another trademark snack item in the Italian cuisine. Such items are usually found in the regular fast food joints and hot dog stands.

Desserts are what give the Austrian cuisine its color. The Austrians have special desserts for special occasions like the crescent shaped cookies with confectionary sugar coating known as Vanillekipferl served during Christmas season. The Austrians are also very fond of cakes and chocolate. The ideal Austrian dessert item would then be a chocolate cake like the Sacerotorte which also incorporates an apricot jam glaze. The panama and the Zwetschkenfleck are other favorite cakes of the Austrians. Apart from the cakes the Austrians are into other types of sweet things like Marzipan and other various items made out of chocolate.  Liptauer cheese, Beushelm Goulash, Powidl and Rinsdsuppe are the names of some of the most commonly consumed main course items in the country.

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