Last Minute Mexican Cruises

Find out how to book Mexican cruises at the last minute. Read our guide for more facts and information…

Mexico is one of the prime destinations for a summer cruise which attracts families, couples and friends alike. Mexico is a destination which is visited all year round. This is why vacationers book cruises heading to Mexico well in advance. However it is possible to book last minute Mexican cruises as well.

Enjoy the spectacular sunsets, relaxing beaches, fishing villages, night clubs and thrilling water sports on your Mexican cruise.
There are many great offers available for the spontaneous getaway plans which are made at the last minute. Almost all cruise liners offer last minute cruises as they want to maximise the number of people on board. These packages are designed fill in vacancies and empty suites.


Carnival cruise liners are among the market leaders of the cruise industry. They offer extensive range of cruises to Mexico, covering many destinations and ports. Their packages are amongst the most popular as they suit most budgets and preferences.

Many last minute cruises to Mexico are being offered. The packages have differing number of days ranging from short cruises of three, four days and longer ones of seven to eight days.

The cruises leave from many ports including Los Angeles, Sand Diego and Long Beach among others. They packages offer different itineraries which give you the freedom to decide based on your choice.

Although one of the drawbacks of these last minute cruises is that you do not have much choice in room selection. Only the vacant rooms will be offered which reduces the choices and you may not be able to book the room or suite based on your preferences.

Other than this the remainder of the cruising experience remains the same. You will avail all on board facilities and have the same privileges.
It is always better to find out all the offers available before you confirm your booking. Already you have not invested a lot of time in planning the cruise and so it pays to be extra careful when confirming last minute cruises.

Some cruise liners have fixed rates of their cruises whereas some offer discounts. If you carefully search for cruises you will be able to avail these discounts. Take care to avoid any hidden or additional costs which may be charged.

Therefore if you wish to head onto a Mexican cruise with your family, friends or loved ones then book your cruise now!

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