Costa Rica Canopy Tours

Want to go on a canopy tour during your Costa Rica vacation? Want to know where to go and what canopy tour outfit to use? Our guide gives you the facts & information you want to know.

Costa Rica has some of the best rainforests in the world. Although not as large as the Brazilian rainforest, Costa Rica can proudly boast to be home to as many as 5% of all the animal and plant species in the world. This is no small claim when you consider that Costa Rica is about the same size as West Virginia.

Rainforest Canopy Tours

There are several ways to explore the national parks and rainforest of Costa Rica including hiking with a local guide, a rainforest safari in a pick up truck or even kayaking down the rivers of Costa Rica. More recently, however, canopy tours have become available and are fast becoming the best way to have an incredible experience whilst exploring the Costa Rican rainforests.

Canopy Tours in Costa Rica use suspension cables that are attached to two fixed points, usually on the top of two trees. The person then buckles themselves on to the cable securely, and from there they can either slide along or pull their way along the cable. This is allows the person to see the Costa Rican rainforest from a whole new perspective; being at the top of the tree line allows the person to see animals and plants that they otherwise would never have a chance to see on the ground.

Costa Rica Canopy Tour Operators

A canopy tour in Costa Rica will typically consist of a series of several cables connected by platforms where you can unbuckle and rest before moving on. Canopy tours can be slightly physically strenuous and are definitely exciting so are not recommended for the feint hearted of those afraid of heights. An amazing experience, canopy tour operators can be found all over the country. Most of Costa Ricas national parks have canopy tour operators, with many of their head offices or branches based in the capital San Jose.

With more than one fourth of the total land surface of Costa Rica comprising of national parks and pristine rainforest, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to places offering canopy tours in Costa Rica. However, some of the most popular destinations for canopy tours in Costa Rica include the famous Manuel Antonio National Park, the Monteverde cloud forest as well as areas surrounding the Arenal Volcano in central Costa Rica.

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