Mexican Ceramic Pottery

Are you looking to embellish your home with ceramic details for a beautiful finish? Mexican ceramic pottery is a fantastic way to instantly add attention-grabbing vibrancy to any room in the house. Read our guide for more facts & information…

Ceramics are one of the biggest exports of Mexico, with millions of dollars’ worth of ceramics being exported to the U.S. alone each year. Quality can range from genuine, handmade pieces crafted by master pottery artisans, through to mass-produced quantities for the commercial market. Whether it is artistic flair you are looking for, or an overall sense of rustic charm, here are a few items that are made in Mexican ceramic that can easily adorn your home.

Pots and ornaments

Pots and ornaments come in a range of sizes and shapes, and can spruce up your outdoor area in an instant. There are so many different styles depending on the region that the pots or ornaments come from, but some of the most popular include the tall-necked jug-like shape and the honey pot shape. Were it not for the vibrant hand-painted decorations on many outdoor ceramic pieces, the pots would look quite Etruscan in shape and style. Ornaments are also becoming very popular, particularly for tourists. They are often small statues of animals such as ducks, horses and frogs, and of people in Mexican attire.


Ceramic tableware is a niche market, with many pieces being made by hand from exclusive family-owned workshops. Generally, tableware is made to be a stunning centrepiece in the dining experience, often in the Talavera style with carefully designed geometric shapes and flower motifs on a glazed surface.


Tiles in Mexico are so popular that many of its buildings are covered in beautiful hand-painted and hand-glazed tiles. They are widely manufactured right across Mexico, and are readily available to purchase in bulk outside of Mexico and online. Mexican tiles are often boldly designed in vibrant colors and patterns, or else left with the natural undulating shades of the clay to give a full rustic look. Tiles can be used in many situations around the home, including bathrooms and kitchens. Tiles are also used to create Mexican style mosaic embellishments and art, to complement outdoor furnishings such as wrought iron.


Not only can Mexican ceramics tile bathroom floors and walls, there are also many other beautiful adornments that can make your bathroom look truly unique. Mexico is renowned for manufacturing ceramic sinks, basins, vanities, tap handles and even toilets made entirely of handmade, glazed ceramic. Ceramic wall hangings and Mexican pots also look fantastic in a Mexican themed bathroom.


Mexican ceramic is often used to create artwork as well. Artists and potters alike take full advantage of the beautiful and varied finishes that clay can offer, and design exquisite pieces that showcase such features as burnished surfaces, intricate etchings and carvings, polished sheens and a 3D surface for painting.

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