Mexican Cruise Packages

Find about Mexican cruise packages available for you to choose from. Read our guide for more facts and information…

Mexico has gained popularity as one of the top tourist destinations.  Heading for a Mexican cruise is the best way to explore the country. There are many cruise liners which offer cruises with varying itineraries.

The cruise packages are designed to cater to people from all walks of life. Shorter cruises are available for those who do not have time for a long vacation.

Special Packages

Cruise liners such as Carnival have a wide target market and so offer packages that meet most tastes, preferences and budgets. Their packages are customized to attract everyone.

Special packages are available for passengers travelling with kids with special features to make sure that the entire family has a comfortable stay.
Honeymooners can also avail special Mexican cruise packages for their trip. Some cruise liners offer discounts, travel awards and added on features for the newly weds. It is necessary to confirm the booking in advance to avail these benefits.

Those on a tight budget can choose from the cruise packages available during the off peak season mainly the fall months. Cruise prices are nearly half when compared to the peak seasons.


The prices of the packages will vary based on a number of things. Firstly when the package is being offered determines the price greatly. During the summer the cruises are booked well in advance as the demand is high and so are the prices.

The packages offered during the fall from the month of November to March cost less due to the drop in demand. However these packages come with an element of uncertainty involved as this is the hurricane season which may cause some ports to be called closed at the very last minute. Therefore the cheaper cost comes with some risk.

Carnival cruises

Carnival cruise lines are among the world’s largest cruise liners which were founded in 1972.  They are a huge name in the Mexican cruise industry which is preferred for their excellent service, high quality ships and entertaining cruises.

Their packages offer the best locations ensuring their travelers truly get a taste of Mexican culture and lifestyle. They offer cruises ranging from three to eight days based on the traveler’s preference.

The itineraries include the famous destinations such as Cozumel, Puerto Vallarta and Mazatlan. Their chosen ports of call have facilities and features to keep the tourists happy.  If you are looking for shorter cruises then choose the packages which depart from Los Angeles or San Diego. Longer cruises are offered from New Orleans, LA, Miami and Long Beach.

The immense choices among the cruise packages are meant to encourage greater number of tourists every year. All you need to do is to find a cruise that suits your requirements, make the booking and start packing!

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