Mexican Dining Room Furniture

Are you looking to refurnish your dining room to give it that cosy feel that reminds you of family dinners and home cooking? Mexican dining room furniture is a fantastic and affordable way to instantly create a warm and welcoming dining area. Read ou

The demand for Mexican furniture has slowly risen recently, with the affordability making it an attractive choice for those on a budget. In true Mexican tradition, there is a wide range of furnishings available for the dining area, the core of any family household. Mexican furniture also exudes a lush, rustic characteristic that evokes images of traditional cooking and family meals, lending a uniquely warm atmosphere to any dining area. Mexican furniture also often comes flat packed for easy delivery, and boasts a robust design which holds its own, even when it is self-assembled.

Buying new

Most new Mexican furniture that is manufactured for the dining room area is made of pine, alder or mesquite wood, and price is dependent on which type of wood has been used.  Pine is very popular owing to its excellent value for money. The light tone of the wood makes a fantastic contrast to the rustic iron fittings that often adorn Mexican furniture. The soft pine also allows for hand carved details and intricate designs on places such as table and chair legs. Alder and mesquite wood are harder woods that tend to be a little more expensive than the pine, and have a richer tone. They are also very durable, and suit well with everyday high-traffic use which dining furniture is prone to have.

Buying antique

Antique Mexican furniture for the dining room has a unique look all of its own. Pieces that still have that nude wood finish often have a distressed finish that is clearly a mark of wearing over time. Some parts of the wood may be shiny due to constant wear, and corners may also be worn. The wear and tear itself lends a fantastic rustic charm. Antique Mexican dining furniture can also come hand painted, or made from reclaimed wood such as old doors. Hand painted furniture often features translucent reds, greens and yellows in recognition of the proud Mexican heritage. The translucency of the paint allows the natural grain of the wood to shine through, in keeping with the rustic feel. Dining room furniture can also often feature carvings or paintings that remind you of food and Mexican cuisine, such as red-hot chili.

When reclaimed wood is used, you can be guaranteed that the furniture is an exclusive, one-off piece. Often, vintage furnishings like this have a distinct air of grandeur that cannot be matched by new pine furniture.

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