Mexican Outdoor Furniture

Are you looking to redesign your outdoor area to give it that rustic ambience for outdoor entertaining? Mexican outdoor furniture is a classic and inexpensive way to instantly create a beautiful outdoor area that blends perfectly with any garden. Rea

The natural textures and rustic feel of Mexican furniture lends itself perfectly to outdoor use. With the correct care, Mexican furniture is also very durable in outdoor conditions. The materials and designs clearly echo the shapes and textures seen in nature, and the rich desert color schemes make for an overall harmonized ambience between the manmade furniture and the garden.


The most popular medium for Mexican furniture is wood, whether it be pine, alder wood or mesquite. The raw grain of the wood look is perfect for outdoors. Large tables, benches and bars look stunning in an outdoor setting, and wooden furnishings take on more rustic character as it ages naturally in the weather. Iron accents such as joints and hinges also tend to discolor slightly, giving the furniture even more rustic appeal. Wood furnishings can easily be purchased online, and can often come flat packed for self-assembly. Depending on the type of wood, it can also be fairly inexpensive. It is advised, however, that the wood be treated for waterproofing on a regular basis to prevent excess weathering.

Twig furniture

Twig furniture is relatively inexpensive, and usually made of thin pieces of bentwood or willow, which are both highly flexible woods that can be easily bent into beautiful fanned curves. Twig furniture can be purchased with a bark or non-bark finish, with a notable difference in color. With bark, the furniture is a dark, distressed tone that conjures images of vintage colonial chic. Without bark, the furniture simply radiates with freshness, boasting a light, smooth color reminiscent of fresh pine. Both types need regular weatherproofing maintenance, and can include furnishings such as chairs and tables. Rocking chairs are also popular in the twig style.

Wrought iron

Wrought iron has an entirely different characteristic of its own. The curves and coarse texture of wrought iron blends beautifully with nature, whilst simultaneously giving a stark contrast with its color. Wrought iron is very sturdy and heavy, and can often have additional accents on it, such as tile mosaic, which can instantly give any garden an eye-popping dash of color. It is easy to keep clean, and is a lot more durable than its wood counterparts. Outdoor furniture can be entirely made of wrought iron, or have any degree of wrought iron components. It is also very popular to have wrought iron accessories in outdoor areas, such as wall hangings and gates.

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