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If you are fishing enthusiast, you will know that a bream is by no means a big fish yet any catch that exceeds 1.5 kilos is regarded as a trophy fish in Australia. It is no wonder then that the fishing rods and the Australian fishing reels used for the purpose are very specialized and well suited for this type of fishing. Good quality and well designed Australian fishing reels will have an optimal balance of strength, lightness and finesse.

Breams are highly unpredictable marine residents, one minute they may be feeding happily and easy to catch and the very next instant they can shut down and will swim away from any bait that you offer. Anybody who has logged in some fishing hours in Australia will tell you that bream fishing is akin to playing chess so its is essential to have just the right gear for the job and Australian fishing reels can be adapted for light or heavy fishing to trick these wily marine scrappers.

This species of fish is generally found in rough terrain along and are happy to cohabitate with fallen trees, oysters, rock bars and reefs and mangrove lined shores. So most keen bream fishers will have at least two fishing outfits one light which should be in the range of 1 to 3 kgs and a1000 to 2500 size spinning reel and 2 to 4 pound of braided line. This type of outfit is well suited for general bream fishing around weeded plains and shorelines.

While the other outfit should generally be a graphite rod of 2 to 5 kilos with a 1000 to 2500 size spinning wheel and about 6 to 10 lb of braided line. This can be used in rough terrain that is infested with oysters etc.

You can find Australian fishing reels that suit both outfits that are available from various manufacturers. Bream will give you a good fight once hooked and it is not unusual to see them take a last dive or lunge or bust the line.

The best lures for catching bream include soft plastics or crank bait lures. In order to rig the rod for bream fishing use gel spun or braided mainline which should have about a rod length of fluorocarbon leader tied to the end. Then use a jig head and tie it to the fluorocarbon leader.

Australian fishing reels are not only suitable for bream fishing but if you are a fishing enthusiast regardless of the fishing location that you enjoy you simply must have one of these optimally designed Australian fishing reels

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