Mexican Painted Pottery Art Designs

Are you looking for stunning works of art displayed on functional tableware items and decorations around the home? Mexican painted pottery art is a wonderful way to incorporate unique and exclusive artworks in all areas of the home. Read our guide fo

Mexican pottery has a long and proud history that stretches back thousands of years. The techniques used in pottery making today were honed several centuries ago during the Spanish conquest, and the tradition has continued ever since. One of the most striking features of Mexican pottery is the hand painted artistic designs that adorn most types of Mexican pottery. Here is a brief overview of the painted designs that Mexican pottery has to offer.

Geometric patterns

Bold and brash is the key with geometric patterns. Typically, geometric patterns will feature contrasting natural pigments such as yellow, pink and blue to accentuate the patterning. Talavera is a very popular Mexican pottery style that takes radial patterns to a new level of detail and color that is absolutely unique. Geometric patterns are often dominated by slightly abstracted flower leaf designs, including vine arrangements and elongated petals. Dots and crosshatching are also quite popular.


Nature is a common theme among painting designs, especially in Mexican pottery. Designs often include flower motifs and leaf shapes as mentioned previously, as well as animals such as birds and hares. Some types of pottery, such as bruñido, use depictions of animals in a slightly skewed way, giving them a surreal, ornamental look that truly showcases the artistic talent of the pottery artisan. The tribute to nature also gives the pottery a very rustic and homely feel that brings together the indoors and outdoors in harmony.

Tree of Life

Mexico is famous for its vastly intricate sculptures called the Tree of Life, which often depict biblical images, and are almost always extremely colorful. These works of art can come in a variety of sizes, including smaller sizes for home decoration, and are absolutely eye-catching.

Modern Takes

Mata Ortiz is an exception to the historical rule, where Mexican pottery has suddenly bloomed again, thanks to Juan Quesada, who has single-handedly revived ancient pottery traditions in his town. Because his style is not tied down by family traditions or expectations, the designs made through his workshop tend to have a more modern take on design. Painted designs and sculpted edges work freely together to create beautiful new works, which are very popular and have had dozens of exhibitions outside of Mexico.

Other regions have also taken the step to break tradition, and feature more free-flowing paintwork that is not restricted to traditional presumptions. Modern day artists have also taken the clay and firing process to make beautiful sculptures that are then hand painted.

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