Panther Beach California

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Panther Beach is located in Santa Cruz County, which is just north of Santa Cruz in California. The hole in the wall can only be accessed during low tide from the south side of Panther Beach in California. It is actually separated by a wall of rock’s that has a large hole in the middle of it. However, those traversing this area need to make sure that they do not become stranded.

Description of Panther Beach in California

The beach actually has natural bridges crafted out of rock. It has huge walls and rock towers along with caves in its extremity. The beach covers an area of extremely beautiful sand which stretches out to a length of hundred yards and a width of seventy yards.

Facilities and Activities on Panther Beach California

The beach is not very crowded, but is flocked by those who prefer it and have been visiting for years. The major activity in this area is sunbathing because you cannot swim in the water. This is mainly because of the prevalent riptides. The beach is not crowded as the facilities are nonexistent and it’s a very basic and natural beach.

The parking area is generally not viewable from the roadside, so there are a few break-ins in the cars. Therefore you are advised to leave any valuables at home. Generally people rate the beach as excellent and it has a few flaws, such as not having any facilities.

How to Navigate To Panther Beach Reach California

The beach can be arrived at by driving just south of Davenport. It is located between milepost 26.86 and 26.4. If you are arriving from the north, you will have a problematic time locating the entrance. However, you should keep checking for a deserted road that is unpaved between the west end of the highway and the railroad tracks. There is a very sharp turn so it’s best to prepare for it. Plan to park on the west side of the highway, which would be the area right between the railroad tracks and the highway.

Since there is a high degree of vandalism in this region you should keep your belongings with you and not leave valuables in the car. In order to walk from the north side of the parking area, simply cross the tracks of the railroad and follow the trail. It is dotted with poison oak and very sharp stones making it rocky. Therefore you should have proper footwear for comfort and safety. In order to see the Hole in the Wall you will have to actually walk through the hole that is built inside the rock walls. This should not be tried out at high tide because the hole fills up with water. Therefore you must exit by that time.

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