Mexican Pine Bedroom Furniture

Are you looking to restyle your bedroom to give it that warm, homely feel? Mexican pine bedroom furniture is a classic and affordable way to instantly create a cosy bedroom. Read our guide for more facts & information…

Pine is a quick growing wood that is readily and cheaply available. It does not have the same environmental impact that farming other hardwood and slower growing woods have. Despite its affordability, pine still has a clean, organic feel about it that cannot be recreated by man-made materials. The light color of the wood gives a warm, yet fresh appeal to any bedroom. Pine is also soft, which means that handcrafted pieces often have beautiful embellishments and carvings for that one-off unique look.

The natural wood finish and classic style also means that Mexican pine furniture will suit almost any style that’s already in your home. Modern or traditional, the furniture will give every bedroom that extra bit of warmth and earthy allure. There’s no need to completely redesign or repaint the bedroom to suit the furniture, since the wood finish will match color schemes and theme designs that are already in place.

Deck Out Your Bedroom Mexican Style

Mexican pine bedroom furniture is so affordable, you can own several key pieces of bedroom furniture without blowing the budget. The range of furniture available is vast, however, the smooth wax finish and the natural charm of the wood will ensure that all of the pieces will harmonize with each other. Bedroom furnishings include but are not limited to:

  1. Bed frames
  2. Wardrobes
  3. Headboards
  4. Mirrors
  5. Bedside tables
  6. Storage trunks
  7. Drawer sets
  8. Dressing tables

What To Look For

With the beauty of the wood shining through, each kiln-dried piece of furniture will have its own uniquely personal look. Knots and natural lines make for a wonderfully organic feel in Mexican pine furniture. Mexican furniture is also characterised by intricate wrought iron-look fixtures that look stunningly stark against the light color of the pine. Different stain types are available, which give pine a slightly different tone, but keeps the natural look of the wood. Be prepared for some minor warping or cracking in different climatic conditions, due to the expansion and contraction of the wood. The kiln drying process eliminates any major warping or cracking in the furniture that may otherwise impact its functionality.

Mexican pine furniture is readily available to order online, and comes in flat packs to save on shipping costs. Because of the classic design, they tend to be a lot sturdier than their Swedish flat packed counterparts. Some makes will have MDF or laminate components inside the furniture, such as shelves or backings, which is cheaper but may detract from the overall look of the piece.

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