Spanish Paella Recipes

Want an authentic Spanish paella recipe? Learn how to cook the most delicious and authentic Spanish paella recipe by reading ahead…

To prepare Spanish paella for 6 – 8 people you will require two large chopped onions, one full garlic clove, one green pepper and one large red pepper and 2 cups of regular olive oil. You can flavor the stock with a chicken cube. The meats required include 3 pounds of chicken breast cut into small pieces, 250 g of baby prawns and 250 g of clams along with 250 g of calamari sliced in rings. Add in two large prawns and two mussels per person. You’ll require food coloring as well as rice and frozen peas along with a tin of pickled red peppers and lemon to season the entire dish.

Cooking the Chicken and Veggies

In a deep saucepan pour the olive oil in a generous quantity. Add in the chopped chicken and fry it a bit till it starts to splutter. Throw in the chopped onions as well as the garlic and peppers and fry on medium heat until everything is cooked. Put the pan aside for now to use the oil later.

Preparing the Seafood

Prepare your seafood by removing the heads and shells of the prawns and keeping them aside. Wash the clams and mussels and slice the calamari rings in half.

If you utilize half a mug of uncooked rice for each person then for eight people that would equal four mugs of rice. So you simply need to double the quantity of the water for the rice and add little extra which could be one cup in this case. That would mean a total of 9 cups of water when cooking four cups of rice, for example.
Cooking the Seafood and Stock

Using a large saucepan, add the water and put the clams and mussels in it. Bring this to boil and continue cooking till the shells open up. If some shells don’t open up then discard those mussels.

Now strain the liquid into another large saucepan and keep the seafood aside because you will need to add it at the last stage. Add the heads and shells from the small prawns into the strained water next and bring them to boil. Add a few drops of yellow food color. Add chicken stock and after a few minutes of boiling you will be able to remove the shells.

Place the paella pan on 2 to 3 burners of your stove to heat it evenly. Heat it up and add the chicken and vegetables along with the seafood that has previously been cooked. Add rice and stir it into the juices.

Toss in the peeled prawns and the calamari into the pan. Quickly pour the stock into the pan and stir gently. Bring it to a rolling boil.  Toss in the peas and mussels, large prawns and strips of the pickled red peppers right on top.

Cook this mixture for 20 minutes or until ready. When the rice has soaked up most of the liquid the Spanish paella recipe is ready to be served after you garnish it with lemon wedges.

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